jobs4law_whiteJobs4Law – For too long now the South African legal market has always battled with the placement of the right people for the right position – often appointing employment agencies who find it difficult placing people in this specialised field. You see the fact is that the law firm knows exactly what type of person they are looking for and the applicant knows exactly what they are looking for in a firm.

So does it not make sense to put these two people into an area that specialises in their own market and allows them to communicate directly? This is where Jobs4Law steps in to assist. The portal at is designed to introduce people and help you find the right match.

Job seekers register and capture the basic resume online – you can attach a PDF/Word Document – and then you will be notified via email when a law firm or placement agency is interested in contacting you. You can also opt for the “Job Alert” notification which will notify you of jobs which meet your criteria. The system will also keep track of your applications to the various positions for which you have applied.

Employers can list vacancies for their firm and ask to be notified via email each time a job seeker with the correct criteria is added to the system. They can then contact the job seeker and arrange an interview. The employers can keep track of the applications they receive through the system. The fee for a successful placement of a candidate are 3% of the annual salary and is due on commencement of employment.

Placement agencies are welcome to join the system and they will have access to both the Job seeker and the Employer areas. The placement fee of 3% is also applicable here.


Is there a guarantee?
You bet, if you are not happy with the placement we will reimburse you for the placement fee up to 3 months after commencement.

Why will this be better than other job portals?
There are other job listing sites available on the internet which have a huge variety of jobs and candidates – that works if you as a candidate has no clue what employment you are seeking. But, if you are in the South African legal market – surely it makes a lot of sense to use a job listing portal that specialises in nothing but the local legal market?


Why do you charge a commission?
Why does an attorney charge for their time? We have a business to run and if we can provide a service which helps you find the right person for your vacancy, surely we are entitled to ask for remuneration – especially since it is 20% of the average placement fee.

Does a Job Seeker pay for anything?
No, they can list their resumes and apply to job vacancies as often as they want. If they wish to use the “Job Alerts”, they would have to pay R129 for the Enhanced Job Seeker subscription.

What about legal vendors, can they use the system?
Of course, legal vendors are welcome; the rates are the same as for that of a firm.

Are there any introductory specials?
Any Job Listings will be free of charge to employers/placement agents/vendors for the month of April 2010 that means that if you list a job now and place somebody next year in July – you will not be charged the 3% placement fee.

(Editor: Jobs4Law has been discontinued, due to lack of support – sad as it was for free.)



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