FireFly Logo 150x150Leading law firm STBB has decided to implement the AVID Firefly conveyancing costs calculator software for Smartphones across all of their branches.
“STBB began using Firefly back in 2011, and as a result of the success they have experienced they have now decided to implement it for all of their branches,” says Barry Swart, CEO of AVID Software.

Law firms use AVID Firefly as a way of promoting their brand with their Estate Agent clients. “In the past firms would use printed booklets to achieve this, but with the high cost of printing, and with the adoption of Smartphones by most lawyers and estate agents, AVID Firefly is a much better way to achieve brand awareness,” adds Swart. “The benefit to the estate agent is that they can now offer their prospective buyers and sellers a better service by providing instant and accurate answers to financial questions related to their purchase or sale of a property.”

For more information, contact AVID on 086 111 3 999, email or visit the website on


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