t4l_on_nokiae71-buttonLast week, our website went mobile, which now auto detects whether you are using a mobile smartphone to browse the www.tech4law.co.za website. If you are, it loads a mobile version of the site automatically.

We have tested the Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry and the Android browsers which all seem to work very well, although they all seem to look slightly different due to the different browsers being used on the phones.


What’s so great about having a site being smartphone compatible?

Well, if you are out and want to read the latest articles on a site like Tech4Law, you can read all of the text in a single width phone screen, without having to scroll left and right all of the time to see the text. It also tries to scale the images to fit into the screen, so that you don’t have to use the scrolling button.

In short, it makes it really easy to read news sites on your mobile phone – so next time you are sitting in the traffic or waiting to board a plane, browse to www.tech4law.co.za and see how easy it is to read.


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