connection-telecom-logoYou will have no doubt read about mobile operators reducing their interconnect costs to receive calls to their networks. Not much has happened yet on the retail side though. Connection Telecom has always striven to been a disruptor in the telecommunications market and is now leading the way in reducing your cost to call from your VOIPconnect service

– from the 10th March we are reducing our rate to Vodacom from R1.40 to 99c excluding VAT, a 29% reduction!

MTN and Cell C have chosen not to pass this cost saving on to our transit partner believing that the reduction does not apply automatically from March to their non-cellular interconnect partners. We are hopeful this will be resolved by the end of March and we will pass on the call savings the moment we can.

National call reductions

On calls to national (geographic) numbers Connection Telecom is reducing its rates here as well — introducing a change from one national rate of 55c per minute to 36c for calls to the following dialling code areas – 010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 015 and 02, 03 and 05. These area codes should cover the vast majority of your call to national numbers.

All “long distance” calls outside these area codes are reduced to 49c.

Per second billing

Remember that all VOIPconnect calls are billed per second from the first second, on average this affords you a 25% savings.

The low down

Cellular operators are looking for opportunities in emerging markets as market conditions in South Africa become tougher and less profitable from reduced interconnection revenues and stricter compliance with RICA (Regulation of Interception of Communications Act).

Operators also have to disclose what makes up a monthly subscription and why that does not reduce once the “free” handset has been effectively paid off.

The South African consumer is becoming less complacent and is more demanding. This is giving opportunities for innovative, forward thinking voice providers who are leading the market changes like the least cost routing providers of a few years ago.

Before being locked into long term, high priced contracts research all the offerings and then take the most flexible, open option that offers you the best for your local, national, mobile, international and roaming use. Do not rush into something that commits you to a substantial monthly cost over a significant period.

Contributed by:
Rob Lith



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