adviceToday we launch the Product Matrix for South African law firms. This unbiased free reference matrix on all technology used at the firms, allows purchasers of new technology to see which other firms use the prospective product. They can contact the firm to get their honest opinion on the product and supplier.

Not only for prospective buyers, but it also allows users of a specific product to find other firms using the same product to compare notes should they be experiencing difficulties with the system.

To date we have contacted firms one by one to gather this information, but the real value to the local legal fraternity in such a reference matrix, will be when there are a large number of firms who offer their system information. The more information we offer the better reflection of the products in the market. All too often – and believe me I know – a supplier will find their best client, the one they really have spoilt with service, to be a reference site for their product. But the real truth lies with other firms who use the system – maybe those who are not as spoilt and have the real answers you need to make the best informed decision on your future products.

This is free to all those who contribute to the Product Matrix, once you complete the 20 “drop down click” questions and click submit, we will be notified and will email you back the Product Matrix in PDF format. You can request a copy as many times as you wish, as long as you have contributed to the cause.


If your technology infrastructure changes, either redo the 20 questions or just email us with the changes and we will update them for you.

Help us, help you in helping others – Click Here to answer the quick 20 questions and get your copy of the Product Matrix. Don’t wait until you need a reference on a new product, offer your help now! We are offering gifts to the first 30 people to respond in March.

If you notice any products or categories that you think should be on the matrix, please email us with your suggestions.

The information gathered from this on-going survey is intended solely to assist law firms when purchasing new systems, and will not be used for any other purpose.
The email address and name of those who submit the information will not be displayed in the matrix.


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