whitecanyonUS software company WhiteCanyon, with headquarters for EMEA and Asia based in Germany, has announced the appointment of SeKure-IT in Johannesburg as Southern African distributor for their secure and certified data deletion software.
WhiteCanyon, worldwide technology leaders, holds the number one position in both the US and Australia with their WipeDrive software suite. WipeDrive has the world’s highest security certification and is used by global corporations such as CitiGroup, General Motors and Deloitte. WipeDrive is also currently the world’s only Common Criteria EAL4 + certified software for erasing hard drives and storage media. The Common Criteria standard is recognized in 26 countries.

Data security is not only critical for the military, government agencies and enterprises, but also affects individuals. Hard drives and data storage, such as USB drives or Solid State Drives, are almost always not completely erased due to missing or unused tools. As a result, confidential information is accessible to everyone and criminals can use this to cause severe damage. WipeDrive provides irrevocable, certified data erasure.

With WipeDrive, secure data deletion can be performed directly on individual PCs or workstations, or by using remote access to many computers simultaneously. Choices are available whether to permanently erase all existing data and programs, or to only erase personal data. If the PC’s are to be redeployed or donated, it is very useful to retain the operating system and application software.

But how can permanent data deletion be ensured? WipeDrive is not only the world’s only erasing tool that meets the requirements of NIAP (National Information Partnership) and Common Criteria EAL4 +, but automatically creates a certificate after a successful deletion, listing all components and what was wiped and confirming that no further files are available. This is a necessity for large companies and government agencies due to the requirements of their internal and external auditors in accordance with the compliance requirements of ISO 27001. In addition, WipeDrive also reduces the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) significantly, as the manual destruction of the hard drive as the only current safe method of data erasure, is no longer necessary. With WhiteCanyon software, these computers can safely be redeployed, sold or donated.

“By establishing headquarters in Germany, WhiteCanyon is increasing the focus on EMEA / Asia through large solution providers, local and international resellers, retailers, online platforms, and systems integrators,” says Peter Polzer, VP EMEA & Asia. “We are very pleased to appoint SeKure-IT, based in Johannesburg, as a value added distributor of our products for Southern Africa. With this strong partner, we will ensure success in the Southern African market.”

“The issue of data security for companies and individuals is often low down on the agenda, in spite of the huge risks involved in not effectively securing business and personal data, as well as legislation for business that attempts to encourage the necessary safeguards. WhiteCanyon provides a comprehensive suite of products and services, tailored for individuals as well as small, medium, large enterprises and government agencies. SeKure-IT is delighted to represent WhiteCanyon as the leading global supplier in this market”, added Hilton Loewenstein, CEO SeKure-IT.

For further information: http://www.whitecanyon.com
South African contact: Hilton Loewenstein, SeKure-IT Johannesburg.
Phone: +27 (0)11 609 9495, Cell: +27 (0)82 551 4948, E-Mail: hilton@sekureit.co.za

About WhiteCanyon Software:
Established in 2003, WhiteCanyon Inc. is an US company that publishes and sells a line of complete solutions providing secure and certified deletion technology. Based in Orem, in the Salt Lake City region (Utah), WhiteCanyon is showing remarkable success, rewarded by a double-digit growth rate. With more than 40 million erased hard drives since its launch, WhiteCanyon is currently the leading provider of security software employing permanent data deletion technology in the US. Its products are approved by many standards, notably by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M), and have obtained the most exacting international certifications. Today, its flagship product WipeDrive is the world’s first and only NIAP (US.) Common Criteria EAL4+ certified disk-wiping tool. In 2013, WhiteCanyon established the EMEA and Asia headquarters in Rehling, Germany.


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