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Daan's Snippets

Daan’s Snippets – 25th of 2019

Economy South Africans are awash in grim economic news led by a faltering GDP, burgeoning population growth and political...
Daan Steenkamp's Snippets 2019

Daan’s Snippets 2019-1

Economy - The Absa PMI rose to marginally positive in December, the best level of last year. The Business Confidence Index deteriorated marginally to 31...
Daan's Snippets

Daan’s Snippets – 26th of 2019

Economy Listening to the Prez on the issue of compulsory pension investments in SOEs: his lack of denial would...
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Daan’s Snippets 2019-7

Economy - The KZN in government has ambitions to bulk-buy for spaza shops: socialist drivel from a bunch who cannot properly distribute condoms. ~-~ Rationality...
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Daan’s Snippets April 2018/02

Economic review - There are a number of signals that our economy is picking up. One of them, significant for the likes of I, is...
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Daan’s Snippets – The struggle between lust of dominion

Economy - Warren Buffet has likened Bitcion to rat poison squared. One buys Bitcoin in the expectation that a rising price will be created as...
Daan's Snippets

Daan’s Snippets – 18th of 2019

Economy The SA BER index remained unchanged in Q2 at 28 points. RMB opined that a technical recession for...
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Daan’s Snippets 2019-9

Economy - StatsSA reports that our government’s gross loan debt stands at R2.2trl at present and should stabilise at R3.5tln. This equates to a present...
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Daan’s Snippets 2019-5

Economy - I had long known that tax comprises a large part of the cost of vehicle fuel; I had not known that taxes account...
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Daan’s Snippets July 2018/12

Economic review - The Rand has plummeted against the US dollar of late: understandably if one considers the poor performance of our retail stocks of...

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