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Daan’s Snippets July 2018/09

Economic review - It has been said that the state needs to nationalise the SA Reserve Bank. One of the arguments against nationalisation is that...

Did SA Express finally face financial reality or did government blink?

Did government blink in the face of SAX demands? It had been reported that, finally, there was a voice of reason within...
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Daan’s Snippets – 16th of 2019

Economy Stats SA reports that 44% of SA households receive at least one social grant, up from 30% 15...
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Daan’s Snippets October 2018/21

Gentle Reader, In praise of … cost? - Bhaktapur is the cultural capital of Nepal. It is also busy, poor and dusty. It takes me 8 minutes...
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Daan’s Snippets November 2018/23

I have a friend who collects strange friends. Several of them are involved in MMA and such. They ride Harleys, sport tattoos, carry (in...
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Daan’s Snippets August 2018/13

Business Review - It is common cause that our SOE’s have been managed into financial difficulty. What to do? Borrow money from the public service...
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Daans Snippets – 21st of 2019

Economy Moody’s reports that South Africa has the highest private sector debt to GDP ratio in sub Saharan Africa...
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Daan’s Snippets 29th of 2019

Economics Our PMI is at its lowest in 10 years; the IIF says that our SOE disaster could push...
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Daan’s Snippets April 2018/03

Business - The role of salary in motivation is oft explored; the summation of which is self evident: salary matters much for the poor and...
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Daan’s Snippets November 2018/24

With pleasure - In 1985 I was hired as a conveyancer and was stuck into Groot Dries’ agency conveyancing practice. Learning to collaborate was the...

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