ouis Podbielski is the Case Law Product Manager at LexisNexis

Timeless piece of legal commentary now accessible via technological advancements

Leaders in the legal technology space, LexisNexis have again raised the bar to new heights, bringing the industry an easily navigable electronic version of...
Bosman Stramrood from LexisGRC

Disrupting data intelligence sourcing 

Acknowledging that stakeholder inputs have an impact on business success requires that organisations gather information from both internal and external participants. This data provides...
Softlog integrates with practice management systems in law firms

Is Your Cost Recovery System Speaking to Your Practice Management System?

Utlising different software solutions that don’t ‘speak to one another’ is inefficient, expensive, and unfortunately rather ubiquitous. It often means that simple tasks that...
Quantim legal accounts

Maintaining Trust Accounts

The Law Society expects attorneys to maintain their Trust Accounts. As an attorney it’s your obligation to ensure clients trust funds are safe. The purpose...
New Olympus DS-9000

Introducing the New Olympus DS-9000 Digital Voice Recorder

The DS-9000 – the final “cog” in the new Olympus PRO line-up of Digital Voice Recorders is now available in South Africa. The...
LexisNexis Tax Annuals

Stay up to date with the intricacies of South African Tax Law

2018 was again a year of change in the field of tax law. To assist tax professionals with the challenge of keeping up to date...
What happened to linux during 2018

What happened with Linux in 2018

Linux continued to dominate the realms of servers and smartphones in 2018, and the pace of development of distributions and the Linux kernel remained...
SpeechExec by Philips

Workflow smartened up by speech recognition

In a fast-moving and fiercely competitive business world, connectivity is everything. Where would today's cutting-edge organizations be without the technology to transfer data quickly...
LexisNexis Time Select

Safeguard your hard-earned cash from fraudsters

As members of the public, and companies alike turn increasingly to the virtual marketplace to supply many of their product requirements, so too has...
Philips SpeechOne wireless headset

Philips introduces the revolutionary SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset

The only professional dictation headset geared for speech recognition - Speech Processing Solutions, the world number one in professional dictation, has just launched its latest...

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