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Doccly Announces Automated Deal Rooms App


The revolutionary new service hailing and automated deal room platform by Doccly

Douglas, Isle of Man: Doccly today announced the release of its latest application designed for banks, law and other professional firms to get work and do work. The application offers a range of benefits, including automated deal rooms which configure deal-specific document folders, tasks, and team roles into the workspace automatically. This means that professionals can get working quicker. And automated notifications when events occur ensures that everyone involved in a deal is kept up-to-date with progress and next steps.

“We deal with professional firms across the globe, and our research shows that most, if not all firms, have two big problems in common,” said Charl Dreyer, Founder and CEO of Doccly.

Doccly has provided software solutions to professional firms internationally for more than a decade. “Working with small and large firms, firms that are technologically advanced and others less so, has qualified us to understand what works and what doesn’t,” Dreyer explained.

“Our research clearly identifies the two big problems that most firms face. How to get new work. And when to get the time to do that work.”

Dreyer added: “We can add your firm to the home screen of each of your clients’ devices, meaning that they are one tap away from you when they need your services. And secure, by-invitation-only deal rooms ensure the work gets done without distractions and interruptions.”

Dubbed the email killer, Doccly’s new app is enabling professionals to escape email hell. “We are glad to announce our new application, which has already been incredibly well received by leaders in the field” said Dreyer.

Some of the features and benefits of the Doccly app include:

·       Automated deal rooms

·       Pre-configured and custom tasks

·       Secure file transfer including pre-configured folders

·       Messaging and activity feed

·       Comprehensive team roles

The new Doccly app is already available for service professionals to use. The service is charged per deal room, and because the fee can be recovered from the client the platform is effectively free for service professionals, staff, and clients to use. For more information about the new Doccly application, and to start the onboarding process, visit doccly.com

About Doccly: Doccly is the leading independent provider of service hailing and automated deal rooms for professional firms. Doccly enables organizations to both secure and manage their transaction deal rooms, and transform their clients’ experiences leading to increased conversions, engagement, and repeat visits.



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