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The Family Law Database 


The Family Law Database is a comprehensive collection of the most recent matrimonial law reports from all superior courts across South Africa. Each one of the law reports is concisely summarised into one or two pages. Apart from the summaries, users can also view the original law reports. 

From as little as R75 per month this database can be a great add-on for those that are already using existing legal content providers. The platform was recently launched on 5 October 2018 at a Family Law conference in Sandton that was hosted by Clarks Attorneys (a specialised family law firm). Delegates at the conference expressed that this was a long-awaited technological intervention within this sphere of the law and a “must have” for any lawyer who deals with family law matters. 

The Family Law database platform is plain and straightforward. The cases are assorted under various subject categories, and within those categories, the cases are succinctly described in four to five sentences giving you sufficient information about the case to decide whether you want to read the whole document. It also contains a simple and advanced search functionality. Using the advanced search panel, users can limit their search queries to a specific jurisdiction and within a specific topic. All these functionalities can reduce legal research time that would have otherwise taken 5 hours to just 45 minutes. The service is currently only available via P.C. However, it will soon be available across various mobile platforms.   

Visit www.matrimoniallaw.co.za to create an account or email office@matrimoniallaw.co.za for more information. 



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