ergoclipSouth African entrepreneur and MD of Ergo-TiltTM, Herb Ostroff has added two new products to Ergo-Tilt’sTM accessory range, MyClipTM and MyCellclipTM. MyClipTM is self-installed on your desk via an adhesive pad which links all your loose cables in one small gadget. MyClipTM is easy to unclip in order to rearrange cables or move the clip to a different location. MyCellclipTM is the same idea, designed for those people who are irritated by never finding their cellphone charger cable in the same location where it was left. Ergo-TiltTM is available from Incredible Connection, Hi-Fi Corporation, Game and other stores nationwide, as well as in Namibia and Botswana. In the New Year the new products will be available at these stores at recommended retail price of R49.00 for both clips, while they are currently available directly from the website Ergo-TiltTM products make ideal festive season gifts and can be name branded.


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