xpressdoxsXpressDox, a global leader in document assembly technology, yesterday announced the release of its Afrikaans language pack, which augments the languages it already supports. Lekker…

With the XpressDox Afrikaans language pack it is possible to present a user with an interface and interview in the user’s language regardless of the language of the template being run.

This means, for example, that a document being prepared in Afrikaans can have all the interview captions, help text, headings, etc. in Afrikaans for an Afrikaans speaker and in English for an English speaker. The merged document will nonetheless be in Afrikaans.

Peter Tuffin, XpressDox Head of Development explains: “In a multi lingual setting, either where a country has more than one official language, or when an organization employs speakers of different languages, it would be useful to present the interview for a template in the language of the user.”

“Why this is an issue,” said Tuffin, “is that it appears obvious that the captions, help, headings, etc. in a template will be encoded in the language of the template. But in a multi lingual setting it might very often be the case that a user of one language is required to run templates whose merged document will be in another language. It would be really useful for XpressDox to be able to present an interview in Afrikaans if the user is an Afrikaans speaker and in English for English users, where the document itself is in English. For the same template. And vice versa. Now with the Afrikaans language pack XpressDox can indeed do that.”

“XpressDox supports template mark up to present interviews in English or Afrikaans, irrespective of the language of the resulting document,” says Chris Pearson, CEO of XpressDox. “Because customers can use the capabilities of XpressDox to code multi lingual interviews, they are able to provide users with immediate in-context support in their own language.”

“And,” Pearson adds, “XpressDox itself can be used by template users in either English or Afrikaans, which saves them time and money.”

“We’re excited about XpressDox being able to help organizations meet their multi lingual challenges at an affordable price. There’s no extra cost for language packs. Initially XpressDox supports English (US), English (UK), French, and Afrikaans. Additional languages are under discussion and if you would like a specific language to be supported please let me know by email or telephone,” says Pearson.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule a meeting, please contact Chris Pearson at chris@xpressdox.com.

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