amvia logoOrganisations of all sizes and industries spend much unproductive time locating, reproducing and reprocessing documents – in the process becoming information-inefficient and risking non-compliance with retention regulations.

Whether physical or electronic, such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs or fax images, failing to adopt a strategy to effectively manage this information will directly affect the efficiency of the business, and expose it to the risk of litigation and penalties.

Alchemy 9.0, the document management solution from Vox Amvia, unifies the processes for capturing, processing, accessing and sharing documents, so that workers are more effective and organisations operate more efficiently.

Alchemy 9.0 highlights

Low-value administrative tasks

Alchemy 9.0 provides a single, easily-accessible content repository that can capture and organise documents from a variety of different sources, says Craig Freer, MD of Vox Amvia. “This stops employees from having to copy, move around and search for documents when they could be performing tasks that add value to the business.”

Multiple document access options are offered (Web and desktop access, mapped network drives, Microsoft SharePoint and custom apps), and it supports full-text, metadata, keyword and annotation searches.

Mountains of information, not a clue

“When managing masses of documents using inefficient systems, employees may take short-cuts, and the true extent of broken processes and mismanagement won’t be evident until document access is at its most critical,” adds Freer.

Alchemy 9.0 solves this problem by identifying, indexing and categorising documents in their entirety as they’re captured. Using flexible indexing options like optical character recognition (OCR), separation/splitting of scans, and single-click automation of indexing, Alchemy 9.0 makes it easy to find based on a single word, collection of words or phrase. It also allows selective extraction of indexed information in structured documents like invoices, for example by purchase order number.

Managing the document life cycle

Manually inspecting and removing documents in accordance with a company’s retention schedules is costly and introduces significant opportunity for inadvertent destruction, continues Freer. Alchemy 9.0 now also includes document retention, letting companies remove documents or folders according to a schedule based on policies defined by age or business rules. Reports highlight the documents that are eligible for retirement.

“While this seems simple, it is a highly flexible model that allows companies to automate document retention and disposal,” says Freer.

The net result

“The net result is that organisations can automate management of their document assets with minimal administrative overhead, and avoid legal or regulatory issues associated with not being able to produce documents.”

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