Sabinet logoEarlier this year, Sabinet launched the Retrospective Transvaal and Natal Provincial Gazettes.  We are pleased to announce the launch of the remaining two provinces, namely the  Retrospective Orange Free State and the Cape of Good Hope Provincial Gazettes Archives.

These archives give the legal and research sectors fast and easy online access to the full text of Retrospective Provincial Gazettes from 1910 to 1994.

Subscribers to the Sabinet Retrospective Provincial Gazettes Archive will be able to find the information they need by using an efficient Google-like search interface. The text of the Gazettes is fully searchable and an automatic relevance ranking process ensures that the document searched for is likely to be displayed on top or in the first few results of the search. Faceted browsing is also available to assist with the finding of documents.

By using an online archive, institutions no longer need to store their own onsite paper archives. This can significantly reduce costs in terms of physical storage space as well as time spent searching through paper archives.

Whether you choose to subscribe to a specific province or all four provinces available in the Gazette Archive, we believe that this will be an invaluable research tool.

Annual scalable subscription options are available to accommodate various users, while ad hoc documents can be purchased on request.

Complementary online services offered by Sabinet include a Provincial Gazettes service which provides subscribers access to gazetted information from 1995 to date; a Government Gazette service which gives access to Gazettes from 1994 to date as well as the Retrospective Government Gazettes Archive containing Government Gazettes from 1910 – 1993.

What does the Retrospective Provincial Gazettes Archive therefore offer you?

A quality service:

  • Immediate full text access to your subscribed province/provinces from 1910 to 1994.
  • Enrichment (metadata) has been added to all documents containing Acts or Ordinances as from 1910 to 1994.
  • Easy searching:
  • This product offers very efficient Google-like searches with quick response times.
  • An automatic relevance ranking process ensures that your document will most likely be displayed on top or within the first few results.
  • Faceted browsing makes it even easier for you to find your required document.

Saving on storage space and cost

  • More than 20 600 Retrospective Provincial Gazettes are available via this product. Storage for the paper copies of these Gazettes can be a big expense and takes up a lot of space.  
  • Wasting time when searching for old Gazettes is also an indirect cost factor that should be considered.

PLEASE NOTE: Despite our best efforts we are aware that there might be a few Gazettes missing and we are in the process of trying to determine whether they were actually published.

Should you require more information please contact Client Services, tel: (012) 643-9500 or email:


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