sabinet_logo_wwwOn the back of considerable demand, Sabinet has launched a new product, the Sabinet Municipal By-laws. This offers access to all By-laws in force and applicable to each individual municipality in all of South Africa’s nine provinces, from 1995 onwards.

These are logically indexed and easily searchable, making access to this previously difficult-to-access information a breeze. There are a number of subscription options to suit the unique needs of government, NGO and private sector organizations.

Users can choose the provinces to which they wish to subscribe to. Information can be searched for by using the name of the municipality, the By-law title or By-law title phrase, category, commencement date, or any keyword.

An index consisting of all existing Metropolitan, District and Local municipalities within a province is provided, together with a list of disestablished municipalities for ease of reference. Links are provided in the full text between sections of a By-law, and references to amendments are clearly displayed in the text of each By-law, where applicable.

Subscribers to this service will have access to a dedicated support person who will assist with all queries.
The service is relevant and timeous with updates applied as soon as possible after official changes occur. A newsletter informing subscribers of the latest By-laws or amendments is sent to subscribers on a weekly basis. Subscribers should note, however, that only NetLaw subscribers will have access to the specific Sections of Acts referred to in the By-laws.

To receive more information about this product, contact Sabinet Client Services at (012) 643-9500 or email us at




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