Quantim Practice Management Software

Quantim Legal Accounting Software offers a tailor-made alternative to traditional accounting software and was programmed with the particular prerequisites of the legal profession in mind. Financial administration takes time, time that could be spent writing fees. Quantim will cut this time in half. You’re an attorney, not an accountant, so do what you do best. Quantim will take care of the rest.

The Quantim package is intuitive, easy to use and fully customisable. It is your desktop companion which helps you track fees written and invoiced, outstanding debtors and creditors, inter-account banking transactions and cash flow. In essence, it gives you the information you need to manage your firm efficiently.

At its core, Quantim manages four departments:


Opening client files is simple and easy and you have the ability to set unique fee and reporting parameters for each client. You can appoint your main fee earner as well as responsible persons to manage employee performance. The Work-In-Progress function allows you to write fees in real time and a unique stopwatch function allows you to accurately time meetings, calls and work hours, eliminating timesheets and the duplication of labour that this often entails. When the time comes, WIP files are converted to Invoices with the click of a button. This can be done weekly, monthly, at the end of a matter or whenever the client requests it. 


Quantim’s financial accounting functions are on par with the best software on the market and offers the standard range of financial reports such as Trial Balances, Income Statements and VAT reports. Fee Invoices flow straight from the Client Files or they can be raised manually. Supplier accounts are a breeze and once their Invoices are captured your liabilities are simple to monitor. Payments made and received are allocated to the Client and Supplier accounts via the Cash Book which enables you to monitor and manage your Debtor and Creditor balances. These multiple customisable reports give you access to the information you need, when you need it.


Keeping track of cash as well as inter-account transactions is an essential part of an attorney’s practice. With its bank statement import functionality, Quantim allows you to quickly allocate payments made and received, plus your statements are reconciled automatically. Quantim makes it easy to manage your individual Business, Trust and Investment accounts and its built-in rules not only simplifies this process but will also prevent you from making costly mistakes. Interest rates, minimum reserves and maximum allowable transfers can be created and modified by the user to prevent shortfalls. By consolidating client Invoices and balances, Trust to Business transfers are done in one simple transaction.


All of the above are done in line with FICA, BEE, Tax and Industry related legislation as well as Law Society Rules and Directives, giving you peace of mind.

Quantim’s monthly fees includes your software rental and updates, together with unlimited support services. With more than 30 years of industry experience and a passion for quality and personal service, Quantim Legal Accounting Software offers the perfect solution to firms of any size.

Visit our website www.quantim.co.za for more information or email us at Lizanda@quantim.co.za or call us at 083 395 8271


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