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Goy Vey – A Gentile’s Guide to Judaism by Barry Varkel

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Hymie invites friends to his Friday family Shabbat dinner, as per life before the dinner all things go swimmingly, until they don’t.

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A great easy read, the author keeps you locked in and offers clever humour – often laughing at ourselves or people we know – whether Jewish or not.

Hymie Cohen is a Jewish family head, who nurtures his family with a protected life. The family is often not aware of the real-world challenges of living in South Africa, albeit that they all have a very strong opinion of their version of their ideal life and how the rest of the population lives.

Nick Docking October 21, 2019
“Goy vey. What a book.
This book I found difficult to put down. It is extremely funny and yet has a very strong social conscience running through it.
I felt I know some of the characters they were so real and came to life on the pages.
Of course the finale is the Shabat supper at the hero’s house. (Hymie is my hero in the book).
This book explains so well the traditions of the Jewish people in Cape Town. It does it in a self effacing but informative way. I found myself admiring these traditions more as I read on.
Barry this book should become at the least a play or a short series in TV
A five star read.”

1 review for Goy Vey – A Gentile’s Guide to Judaism by Barry Varkel

  1. Timothy Goy

    “I am, perhaps, uniquely qualified to praise Barry Varkel’s ‘Goy Vey’ as I am a proper Goy, a ‘faktish Goy’; Goy is my real name.

    Although a goy, I have spent most of my life associated with the Jewish community and this book takes you to its soul and embraces you with its humour.

    A great story with laughs on every page. We all know a Hymie and Rivka and the pair keep you in stitches as we share their story and become thoroughly versed in Jewish culture. ‘Goy Vey’ is a good read from every perspective… especially a Goy’s”

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