word gabUsing a shortcut key to align the text to the right of the document.

word gabLast week we looked at left aligning text, this week we look at centering the text.

word gabVery similar to the shortcut key of last week, but now it allows you to align the active paragraph to the left, not just the selected text like Ctrl L.

word gabJustifying text in a paragraph is normally a quick click of a button, but if you know the quick key, it makes it easier to see how the text would look on the right, left or centre just by holding down the Control key and typing keys to see the different layout.

word gabThere are times when we act a little too impulsively and "Undo" a little too much when using Ctrl Z, but there is a shortcut to reverse this situation.

word gabLast week we looked at jumping to the beginning of the document, today we look at the opposite and find the quick key to get to the end of the document.

word gabPeople wear out their arrow keys on the keyboard. Instead of jumping to the beginning of a document they use the arrow keys to scroll to the top of the document - if being paid by the hour I suppose it is one way to pass the time. Let's educate everyone about a simple quick key that is often over looked.

word gabA simple but often forgotten command, is using the quick key to jump left or right one word at a time.

wordtipsWe have missed our shortcut series for a week, my bad. This week we look at moving to the beginning or end of a line in MS Word.

 date timeLast week we looked at inserting the date into your documents, this week let's look at inserting the time into the document.

 increase font sizeOften we want to make the text in our documents slightly bigger or smaller, instead of using the font drop down menu, you can use this quick key to increase or decrease the font by one size with each key sequence.

 minimiseSometimes we need to minimise all of our applications in a split second, not because it makes us work faster, but helps hide Facebook when the boss walks past...;-)


A quick and easy way to get to find anything that is stored on your computer...



Sometimes we need to prove the error we are getting in software programs, or we need to take a screen shot of the computer screen for training purposes. This shortcut will do that do you without taking a picture of everything.


ctrl_alt_del_tshirtThings do go wrong....You can be happily working in an application in Windows and the next thing, no matter how hard you hit that keyboard, the system will not respond - time to accept the reality and close the application, instead of just hitting the power button.

word_gabAn easy and effective way to flip between open applications without having to go into each one to see if it is the application you need.

word_gabJumping across the page one word at a time..

word_gabAnd now, how to highlight text in MS Word at supersonic speed...

the_endWell we have covered the "Home" key, now let's look at the other side of the coin - The End...


No place like "Home". A very simple keyboard shortcut, in fact a single key that is extremely useful.

afrikaans-computer_key-smallNow taking a break from the conventional shortcut keys, let's look at the very often used Afrikaans characters, so that on the fly we can use a key sequence and keep typing at lightening speed - or at least I should _you_ should be able to continue typing at lightening speed, my two fingers don't move that fast. We use the "Ctrl" key plus another to get these characters.

computer_key-smallNow that we have done all of the copying, and cutting and worked out how to undo "not so good" decisions, now is the time to be able to paste the information we have in the clipboard...

computer_key-smallOften we cut or delete text, or realise that what we did was not clever and want to go back one step - well there is a key for that...

computer_key-smallStill on the subject of "copy and paste junkies", this time allowing you to copy the text into the clipboard.

computer_key-smallStill on the subject of "copy and paste junkies", the other copy and paste shortcut key is the following used for cutting information.

computer_key-smallIf you are a copy and paste junky like I am, then this shortcut to select everything will save you plenty of time.

computer_key-smallThis week we are going to continue the obvious general windows shortcut keys and look at the Edit shortcut.

computer_key-smallWe start off with the basic quick keys, which control most of the Windows functions.

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