Password management tools

The best way to keep your passwords safe – LastPass vs Google vs 1Password

Technically, the safest password would be a long string of random characters, but it would be impossible to remember a random string of letters...
The legal side of digital signatures

The legalities of the digital signature

Digitalisation and digital transformation have seen a significant organisational shift from paper-based processes and procedures. Most organisations have adopted alternative methodologies for signing documents...
Internet Blackouts in Africa

The impact of Internet shutdowns in Africa

In the past, authoritarianism like any other form of illegitimacy has always been paranoid of disruptions. The internet, since its decentralisation in the last...
Productivity tips for lawyers

Productivity Hacks for Lawyers: Are you Using These Tools?

Lawyers juggle between multiple tasks during a work day and find themselves constrained for time. The legal profession is becoming extremely demanding. Lawyers often work...
Checking on what Google has recorded on your phone

Google Quietly Records Your Voice on Your Phone

By now, people who are ignorant to the capabilities of mass surveillance are fatally far behind in their understanding. We’re going to go over...
Philips Speechlive white paper

Lawyers work wherever they want

The work of a lawyer involves a lot of dictating. Letters and submissions which have to be typed out later. Combining a quality Philips...
trends for law firms in 2019

A Banner Year For Law Firms? A Different Take On The 2019

The 2019 Citi Hildebrandt Client Advisory, (Citi Report) an annual survey of law firm fiscal performance, drew considerable industry attention following its December release....
Legal Tech predictions 2019

Legal Tech’s Predictions for 2019 in Innovative Technologies

Another year down, another year where the entire legal profession hasn’t been replaced by robots. Strike that one in the win column, I’d say. Still,...
Tech Trends for 2019 by Didata

5 tech trends you can expect to see in 2019

Dimension Data has launched its Tech Trends 2019 report developed by its team of technology experts. The report identifies fundamental industry trends that will come...
Dual monitor setup

How to Use Two Monitors: 3 Steps to a Multiple Monitor Setup

Using two monitors is a simple enough concept. You would think that all you’d have to do is just plug any video display into...

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