help_keyWe have found that using Microsoft Word is more time consuming if one has to use the mouse for simple tasks. We have created a Word Shortcut Reference Card with a list of the easier and more often used functions in Word . There is a PDF copy of the reference card at the bottom of this article which you can download, print and laminate to keep next to your PC.

These simple tasks are quick and actually much easier than when using the mouse. We have made the PDF an A5 size, which will take up less space on your desk. As always, this is something we think you will find extremely useful, and hope that if you have any other shortcuts that you often use, that you will forward them onto us.

Key explanation:
Ctrl: The control function key
Alt: The Alternate function key
Shift: The shift key used to make characters “UPPERCASE”
+: Hold the Ctrl key down while pressing the additional key

Explanation of function

Keystroke combination

Bold text

Ctrl + B

Underline text

Ctrl + U

Italics text

Ctrl + I

Increase font size

Ctrl + Shift + <

Decrease font size

Ctrl + Shift + >

Delete a word

Ctrl + Del

Backspace a word

Ctrl + Backspace

Copy text

Select and Ctrl + C

Paste text

Ctrl + V

Delete selected text

Select and Ctrl + X

Find text

Ctrl + F

Find and replace text

Ctrl + H

Undo last action

Ctrl + Z

Redo last action

Ctrl + Y

Move cursor a word at a time

Ctrl + left or right arrow

Move to a paragraph

Ctrl + up or down arrow

Move to the end of the line


Move to the beginning of the line


Move to the beginning of the next  or previous page

Ctrl + Pg Dn or Pg Up

Browser faster

Pg Up or Pg Dn

Go to the same spot you were when last saving the document after opening the file

Shift + F5

Open a document

Ctrl + O

Save a document

Ctrl + S

Open word count information

Ctrl + Shift + G

Print document

Ctrl + P

Go to another area in the document

Ctrl + G

Switch into Print Preview and back

Alt + Ctrl + I















































The printable A5 Word Shortcut Reference Card.pdf

Contributed by:
Malcolm Pearson



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