Apple Announces New Products. Now, How Do You Get Them in South Africa?

Big Apple Buddy, NYC-based shopping concierge, delivers the latest Apple products - the Apple Watch, iPad Pro and iPhone 6S - straight to your...
AJS advises on regular backups

The importance of doing backups cannot be overstated

There have been some recent unfortunate events that have resulted in some serious consequences as a direct outcome of not having proper backups in...

How to Use Windows’ File History to Back Up Your Data

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Six ways to make your iOS or Android phone easier on the eyes

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Philips Dictation Solutions – From smart thinking to effective action

JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER attorneys are highly specialized within the fields of insurance, tort, sea and transport law. Their client base consists of numerous professional...
How to cut Telkom Contract

How to cancel your Telkom account

Many Telkom customers have complained about issues trying to cancel their accounts, with some being unable to process their cancellations for months on end. Telkom recently...
Thabo Molefe

Next-gen solutions boost legal success

Trends towards downscaling and outsourcing are set to persist in the current economic climate. Larger corporates seek to reduce overheads, including office...

4 awesome iPhone tricks you may not know about

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Keyboard shortcuts for Outlook

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Paperless with DocFusion

How DocFusion365 and DocuSign adds value to paperless office processes

In today’s age, merging all the processes required for an automated system can be tricky and costly. This has paved the way for the...