pbdlogoFor attorneys and law firms looking at creating or redesigning their website, the decision of choosing a specialised web design company is an important one. With the steady decline in success of print marketing, law firms are becoming more aware of the role their website will play in the future of their business.

Creating a professional web site that reflects the quality of your law firm can be a difficult and frustrating process when working with amateur website designers. At Point Blank Designs, we are able to give you a “hassle free” process of creating a website that will not only reflect the professionalism, but also provide you with the tools to help market your website and target your exact market.

A website must become a very powerful marketing tool for your business and in doing so; our team of experienced web designers can help you by doing the following:

Elegant Designs do make a statement:

Create a stunning website with graphical designs that look both stylish and professional.  We customize each site to create your unique look to match your firm.  Though we strive for pleasing aesthetics, we never compromise form over function. Visitors will find that your website is easy to navigate, in other words it will flow easily for a reader from beginning to end.

Sophisticated Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Even a great attorney website will be useless if people cannot find it! This is why we make sure that your website/domain is indexed properly under all search engines available online. Ensuring that your firm gets maximum online coverage.

Effective site tools:
We believe that in order for your website to have a powerful effect on your business, it is very important to continuously market your website. This is why we offer a rich collection of built-in tools to help you:

  • Online appointment/enquiry request
    • We will setup an electronic appointment or enquiry request system that will notify the   relevant staff to help assist the prospects or clients.
  • E-Marketing advertisements/newsletters:
    • We will setup an automated subscription/un-subscription database to send out advertisements/newsletters about your services and also driving your potential clients to your website.
  • Traffic analysis
    • Provide you with a complete overview of where your readership is coming from, thus helping you focus your marketing at the right segment of the market.
  • Membership profile facility:
    • We will setup a login for your exclusive clients, giving your clients access to more information or specials on offer.

To mention just a few!

Our current offering consists of three different website packages, giving our clients options that will suit their budget. These are as follows:

  • Static website (for only R 4 295 ex) – This is our very basic professional type of website that consist of only texts and images, limited to a maximum of 5 pages.  A great offering to replace the old printed brochures!
  • Dynamic website (for only R 7 695 ex) – This is our interactive type of professional website whereby movies, flash and other elements are added to the design to create a professional and striking impact.
  • Advanced website – (for only R 14 995 ex) This package has no boundaries! Creative flair can run wild with powerful integrated flash tools to help create that professional high-tech edge.

For more information on our services and prices, please contact us on 031 305 3652.

Contributed by:
The Team at Point Blank Designs


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