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It is a known fact that the legal profession is one of the major buyers of technology products in South Africa. More than half of the 20,000 lawyers in South Africa are reachable via electronic media, and this number is increasing at a rapid pace. That means that through the Tech4Law website you will be reaching the key decision makers in the South African legal profession.
Tech4Law is a website aimed solely at technology usage in the legal profession. Each month Tech4Law will provide articles of relevance to law firms.

For example:

  • New legal technology products and supplierspub_success

  • New versions of products for the profession

  • Notable installations of products at law firms

  • Special technology offers

  • Cost cutting ideas

  • Product reviews

  • Lawyer @ home

Since the objective of Tech4Law is to assist the profession to save money on technology, the publication enjoys a trusted reputation with its readers. As a result, lawyers are likely to respond to advertising and product profiles on Tech4Law.

For over a decade now, law firms have been tech-aware, having achieved substantial savings through the use of word processing, email, the Internet, electronic legal libraries, accounting software and networking. It is extremely unusual to find a lawyer today who is not well-versed on the benefits of technology.

No other publication can communicate the benefits of your products better than Tech4Law. Can you afford not to advertise?


Our Tech4Law Rate Card (PDF file) will provide you with all the pricing, and terms and conditions.

Please contact us for the next issue topics, should you wish to advertise with future articles.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Malcolm Pearson at malcolmp@tech4law.co.za




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