Tech4Law is an independent and unbiased technology journal focused on helping lawyers to save money on all types of technology. It is privately owned and published by Malcolm Pearson, who has been involved in most facets of legal technology over the past twenty two years. The publication is free to lawyers, and earns its revenue from the support from supplier vendors.

With technology advancing at an ever-increasing rate, there is a real need for a publication that takes the mystery out of the equation. Elsewhere in the world, publications like Tech4Law have been around for many years. However, in South Africa the limited size of the market (in comparison to the UK, and the USA) and the lack of real competition, delayed the creation of a local legal-tech publication.

Despite being a ‘small’ market the legal profession in South Africa spends about R5,000,000,000 a year on technology products and services. With approximately 1000 vendors in the market, Tech4Law hopes to educate the attorneys on what is on offer, and at the same time, use this forum to communicate the market needs from the attorneys, back to the vendors – this will allow both parties to benefit hugely from this e-publication.

Although it might look like we are championing the technology vendors, in fact we take the side of the lawyer. By reporting on the happenings in the industry, we are of the opinion that competition will be stimulated, which will improve service levels, reduce prices, and stimulate innovation.

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