Sabiney cultural heritage

Groundbreaking digital collection of historical magazines of South African and Sub-Saharan African origin 

Sabinet takes immense pride in announcing the expansion of Coherent Digital’s inaugural South African Magazines digital collection within South Africa and Africa. This extraordinary...
Sameer Kumandan

Data-driven legal excellence: searching for South Africa’s new norm

The inherent complexity of the legal profession means having accurate data to deliver quality legal services, manage cases efficiently, ensure accurate billing, and uphold...
Carrie Peter

AI, NFTs and the Modern Contract – Who Holds Responsibility? 

As far back as 2018, Harvard Business Review raised the question: how is artificial intelligence (AI) changing contracts? Five years may not fit the...
Judge's Gavel

Unlock the Power of South Africa’s Government and Provincial Gazettes

Your Key to Legal and Historical Research... Access to government and provincial gazettes in South Africa is important for ensuring government accountability, public participation, and...
Sabinet African Industry Reports

African Industry Reports: A gateway to business insights in the knowledge economy

In the ever-evolving global landscape, businesses in Africa are navigating a profound transformation towards a knowledge-driven economy. A knowledge-based economy refers to an economic...
Clive Bredenkamp e4

Why the 2023 interest rate picture is different to 2019 and when the property...

The rapidly rising interest rates and living costs have had a marked effect on the property market, where sales volumes and price growth have...
Sabinet African Industry Report

African Industry Reports: A Valuable Resource for Businesses and Researchers

African economies are set to outperform those elsewhere in the world over the next few years, according to the African Development Bank. This presents...
Clive Bredenkamp of e4

e4 introduces CommunicationHub: A secure solution for the home-buying process

PropTech specialist e4 has announced the launch of CommunicationHub, a digital platform designed to enhance the security of communication within the property transfer process...

Navigating Legislative Updates: Access Provincial Gazettes on Sabinet Discover 

Navigating Legislative Updates: Access Provincial Gazettes on Sabinet Discover  In an ever-changing legislative landscape, keeping abreast with the latest changes and updates is crucial to...
Apple iPhone 15

Apple identifies iPhone 15 overheating issues

Apple said it has identified a few issues which can cause new iPhones to run warmer than expected, including a bug in the iOS 17 software which will...
Sabinet Cultural Material

Africa Commons: Digitising, disseminating and showcasing African cultural materials 

The voices of Africa telling their own stories have. in the past been accessible in local collections, but often not published using formal channels....
Choosing best it service provider for law firm

20 Questions to Ask a Prospective IT Service Provider for a Law Firm

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of law practice, having a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure is essential. Whether you are a solo practitioner...