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Here we give the attorneys good ideas on technology at home, mostly relate to technology, but could include other practical tips.


Are QLED TV’s right for you?

QLED TVs are all the rage in the market and certainly worth it for users that regularly stream movies, series or who are gamers....
fibre prices in south africa

Fibre war in South Africa — with prices starting at less than R300 per...

South Africans in select neighbourhoods have the option to get a cost-effective uncapped fibre-to-the-home package from as little as R297 per month. Three of South...
Andrea Tucker e4

Five ways to make your property work for you

You worked hard enough to finally own a property; now it’s time for your property to start working for you. In buying a home,...
Carey van Vlaanderen - Chief Executive Officer at ESET Southern Africa

Deal or no deal? Stay safe on Black Friday

Planning on a shopping spree this Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Ask yourself these questions before clicking ahead and becoming a scam statistic. “Gucci bags...
CBi Home Automation

Five Ways Tech is Revolutionising Home Automation

Home automation is on the rise across the globe and Africa is swiftly following suit. It’s easy to see why, as tomorrow’s tech savvy...
Don't over-share your childrens information on the internet

Parents, stop over-sharing about your child on the internet

Since the inception of the World Wide Web, our knowledge and understanding of the world has vastly increased. Life is not only easier but...
WhatsApp View Once Feature

View Once Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

While taking photos or videos on our phones has become such a big part of our lives, not everything we share needs to become...
Optimum gadgets

A new Breed of Alkaline Battery provides Devices with Extra Life or Extra Power*!

Optimum is a new kind of alkaline AA/AAA battery technology that delivers break­through performance benefits. Its re-engineered cathode technology with added new ingredients produces...
Cape Crypto

Cape Crypto, the newest player in the booming South African cryptosphere announces the launch...

It’s been a roller coaster six month period in the world of cryptocurrencies. Prices have boomed, then fallen, and millions more people have become...
streaming alternatives to DSTV

Goodbye DStv – Where to stream sports, movies, TV shows, and news

The R829 DStv Premium subscription fee played a big role in its popularity decline. It is far more expensive than competing streaming services, even...
Andrea Tucker

Should you refinance your home or take out a secured personal loan instead?

Being wary of taking on debt is a wise default position. Borrowing cash to fund unnecessary extravagances will probably only buy you more worries...
Healthy Lawyer

Leading a healthy life – even if (especially if) you are a lawyer

Being healthy – what does that mean?  There is a formal definition – The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines “being healthy” as “a state of...