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Here we give the attorneys good ideas on technology at home, mostly relate to technology, but could include other practical tips.

Android do not disturb

Stop your Android phone from waking you

For years I have been putting my phone on silent as part of the locking up and going to bed ritual, and then restoring...
analogue tv holding on for now

Everything You Need to Know About the Great Digital TV Migration of 2019 ...

By now you’ve probably heard about the impending digital migration for South African broadcasting. Initially, this shift from old-school, analogue technology to newer, more...
What to look for when buying a television G6 Android TV

Your five biggest considerations when buying a new TV

With so many technological advancements that cater to various needs, and endless options on the market, buying a new TV for your home can...
Which HDMI cable to buy?

There is no difference between cheap and expensive HDMI cables

HDMI cables have become an essential part of most systems and are used to connect everything from Smart TVs and gaming consoles to PCs...
Prevent follow home hijacking

This is how South African criminals target you for a ‘follow home’ hijacking

While hijacking is often described as a ‘crime of opportunity‘ in South Africa, motorists have also been warned that they risk being followed home...
Secure your wifi router at home with these 5 steps

5 things you must do to secure your home Wi-Fi network

Wireless routers are ubiquitous in modern households, with many home Wi-Fi connections acting as a connectivity hub for everything from TVs to smartphones. This increasing...

Why Sharing Vacation Photos on Social Media Could be Dangerous

According to experts, sharing too much on social media while traveling can make that person a target of thieves. These days, many burglars use social...
Cell phone radiation

Cellular radiation linked to brain and heart tumours

Researchers from the Ramazzini Institute in Italy have shown that rats which were exposed to cellular radiation developed brain and heart tumours. This is...

OLED vs LCD vs LED – What you need to know

TVs and monitors have a number of specifications, including resolution, size, refresh rate, and panel type. While resolution is the defining feature of display...
Social media after death

Social media accounts can live on after you die

With the advent of social media sites such such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dictating and capturing people’s lives, things can become even more...

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