Carey van Vlaaderen

Strong passwords for a better Black Friday

The domino effect of a stolen password The digital era we live in is a double-edged sword. While it offers convenience and accessibility, it also...
7 changes to Word Default Settings to make legal typing easier

7 Easy Ways to Make Microsoft Word Less Annoying

Whether your font randomly changes mid-document or Microsoft Word grabs control of your mouse, most people find themselves annoyed at Word more than they’d...
Tech Buzzwords - Mach Architecture

Understanding Tech Buzzwords: Like MACH Architecture

In today’s world we all need to be digitally advanced. And fast. There’s no room for outdated technologies that take up space but don’t pay...
Buzzwords Hyper-automation AJS

Understanding Tech Buzzwords: Like Hyper – Automation

When we think of technology, we imagine a world that is innovative and forward-thinking, a world that uses technology that is always cutting-edge enabling...
Mac vs Windows

macOS vs. Windows: Which OS Is Best?

Most tech users are vehemently loyal when it comes to their platform choices. But I suspect there are open-minded people on both sides of...
Tech Buzzwords Edge Computing AJS

Understanding Tech Buzzwords: Like Edge Computing

In today’s world, everything happens at warp speed.  Calls, emails, and WhatsApp’s are sent back and forth, documents are shared, images are shared, information is...
Law firms and Generative-AI

Generative AI and the Small Law Firm: Leveling the Playing Field

Many lawyers and law firm leaders are worried about the potential disruptive impact of generative artificial intelligence. I’m less convinced that these worries are...
AJS explaining distributed cloud

Understanding Tech Buzzwords: Like a Distributed Cloud

When we think of law firms, a number of things come to mind. One of them is information – the access to it and...

Common battery myths debunked…

Should you charge your phone overnight? Will ‘overcharging’ make it explode? In the world of lithium-ion batteries, smartphones take centre stage. Yet they’ve also...
AJS tech buzzwords - digital experience composition

Understanding Tech Buzzwords: Like a Digital Experience Composition (DXC)

A business – any business really – requires a certain amount of income in order to run optimally. Ideally this income would need to...
e-signatures for IP transactions

South Africa: Sign with caution – using electronic signatures for IP transactions 

Signing all your legal documents with electronic signatures? Be warned - these are not always effective in concluding valid intellectual property (IP) transactions. The Covid-19...
Digital Immune System AJS

Understanding Tech Buzzwords: Like a Digital Immune System

Businesses as a whole and law firms in particular are at threat. And often from the very clients they have just serviced. This isn’t a...