attorneys are not natural sales people

Most attorneys aren’t sales people

Most attorneys aren’t sales people, fact. Most sales people aren’t knowledgeable in law, fact. Both careers need education, experience and hard work to perfect...
Have your goal in mind when starting a marketing campaign

Law Firm Marketing in Reverse

Planning your marketing campaigns is vital when deciding to chase new business – just having a plan to follow and measure along the way....
CRM systems

Why should a law firm use a CRM system?

Any business, looking to grow and nurture their client base must use a Customer Relationship Management system – FACT. A law firm is a...
Stand out from the competition

Why should people do business with your law firm?

To the man on the street, there does not seem to be that much that differentiates one law firm from another. Your goal in...
Teamwork for marketing

Marketing Your Law Firm Through Your Staff

Surely, the people who work at your law firm, know your business and law firm personality way better than any outsider marketing consultancy, right?...
Lawyers networking

Networking for Lawyers

The majority of lawyers don’t need to network their services, so why should you? Yes, that is right, the majority don’t – and...
Meeting clients at their office

Lawyers, you must visit your clients

In all sales training, they always push the fact of doing whatever you can to get time in front of your prospect or client....
Keep marketing momentum going

Once you spin the wheel of marketing, make sure you keep it going

The magic to effective marketing, with not only law firms but any business, is to keep in contact with your prospects often enough to...
7 Startup Tips to Law Firm Marketing

7 Startup Tips for Law Firm Marketing

Marketing a law firm is a daunting task and often I have been asked by lawyers, just where and how should they start –...
use marketing ideas from your opposition law firms

The law firm next door can teach you a thing or two

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” ― Otto von Bismarck - Author of...
law firm client gift

Marketing gifts for law firms

We all love receiving gifts and most of us get a warm feeling about giving others something, especially when they don’t expect anything. ...
response to client calls and emails quickly

Make your law firm stand out by responding quickly

We all have nightmare stories about providers in the service industry - how they never pitch for a quote, they never call back, or...