LexisNexis KYC

Make KYC verification a vital part of your AML processes

Non-compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations can result in heavy financial penalties and could expose your clients and business to potential harm,...
Andrew Gilder

Mitigation and the South African carbon tax

By Andrew Gilder, Director: Climate Legal, co-author of Concise Guide to Carbon Tax published by LexisNexis South Africa The...
SA Gazettes

Gauteng Looks to Townships to Help Boost the Economy and Create Jobs for Citizens

The Gauteng Provincial Government has released the Gauteng Township Economic Development Bill for public comment — new legislation which aims to help...
Olivia Rumble

Carbon tax title released just as filing season opens

The first period for filing of carbon tax returns opened on 1 October 2020, and will close on 29 October, at 15h00....
Mellony Ramalho

Adopting new technologies to conduct legal research

Long late-night hours poring through old legal texts in a stately library setting, with attractive albeit dishevelled colleagues: the storyline of most...
Shebash Pillay and Louis Podbielski

Case law insights advancing the rule of law

Understanding and reviewing Case Law is an important aspect of the administration of justice and upholding of the Rule of Law. The...
Cannabis Update

Update: Cannabis Legislation

The Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill was brought before parliament at the beginning of September. With the deadline of 30 September a...
Ezra Pillay

6 Tips for Easy POPIA Compliance

The South African Constitution enshrines the right to privacy, which the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) gives effect to, safeguarding personal...

How the Cannabis laws impact your business

Whenever laws change, it’s important for business to know what the implications are for them and their industry. Recent changes to the...
Public Procurement Regulation

Procurement and development in uncertain times

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unexpected and emergency procurement of good and services. On a global basis this procurement has stretched...

Your library’s success hinges on effective resource sharing

The Encyclopaedia of Library and Information Science contains the quote: “the success and survival of big libraries will depend on how much...
WMS Resource Sharing

Resource sharing is critical to the future of academic libraries

With the government’s budget speech yesterday bringing the bleak news of widespread cost-cutting, it is those cuts that specifically impact libraries, TVET...