Sabinet African Industry Reports

African Industry Reports: A gateway to business insights in the knowledge economy

In the ever-evolving global landscape, businesses in Africa are navigating a profound transformation towards a knowledge-driven economy. A knowledge-based economy refers to an economic...
Sabinet African Industry Report

African Industry Reports: A Valuable Resource for Businesses and Researchers

African economies are set to outperform those elsewhere in the world over the next few years, according to the African Development Bank. This presents...

Navigating Legislative Updates: Access Provincial Gazettes on Sabinet Discover 

Navigating Legislative Updates: Access Provincial Gazettes on Sabinet Discover  In an ever-changing legislative landscape, keeping abreast with the latest changes and updates is crucial to...
Sabinet Cultural Material

Africa Commons: Digitising, disseminating and showcasing African cultural materials 

The voices of Africa telling their own stories have. in the past been accessible in local collections, but often not published using formal channels....
Sabinet Access to Information

Sabinet introduces African Industry Reports – Opening doors to expanded Business Insights and Research 

Sabinet, through its distribution partnership with Who Owns Whom (WOW), can now offer unparalleled insights into South African and African Industries. Sabinet is proud...
Open Journal Systems by Sabinet

Sabinet: Empowering SA publishers to unlock the potential of sustainable online publishing

In the digital age, open monographs, edited volumes, and scholarly editions are a proven game-changer, reaching wider and more diverse audiences and fostering broader...
Sabinet Financial regulatory instruments

Remain abreast of Prescribed Regulatory Requirements with Sabinet Financial Regulatory Instruments 

Financial regulatory instruments refer to laws, regulations, and guidelines that govern the financial sector, such as banking, insurance, capital markets, and other financial institutions....
Compliance by Sabinet

Avoid Operational Breakdowns and Business Compliance Risks Caused by Legislation Changes 

Sabinet’s content solutions provide a comprehensive collection of reliable online resources designed to support information professionals in navigating regulatory risk and ensuring compliance. In today's...
Government Gazette

South African Gazette Service – a Must for Legal Professionals 

Sabinet’s South African Gazettes service is a valuable resource for legal professionals in South Africa. It provides online access to a vast collection of...
Sabinet Legal Registers

Sabinet’s Compliance Solutions to Lower Your Risk

Compliance is a critical aspect of modern business, affecting organisations across various industries. Regulations are ever-evolving, and it is important that compliance officers and...
Sabinet Discover Technology

The indispensable tool of legal technology 

The transparent flow of information between government and its citizens is necessary for democracy. With growing access to information through technology, society’s expectations of...
Sabinet Legal Registers

Sabinet Legal Registers: 4 ways to make legal compliance effortless

In today's fast-paced business world, keeping up with ever-changing legislation can be a full-time job in and of itself. The task of maintaining legal...