LexisNexis Time Select

Safeguard your hard-earned cash from fraudsters

As members of the public, and companies alike turn increasingly to the virtual marketplace to supply many of their product requirements, so too has...
Information Technology Contracts

Authors provide practical insights for drafting, reviewing and negotiating IT contracts 

Information technology (IT) contracts often involve complex business processes with risk to both the customer and the service or product provider. Legal practitioners, IT...
Intellectual Property Law Reports

A new era in Intellectual Property Law Reports

As market leaders in the online legal technology space, LexisNexis South Africa saw a need to develop a resource that speaks to the need...
Alta Swanepoel author of Road Traffic Legislation (AARTO)

Transport legislation author urges transport companies to prepare for AARTO

October is Transport Month - focusing on the role transport plays in the economy, flagship projects and road safety - a fitting time to...
Matrimonial law

The Family Law Database 

The Family Law Database is a comprehensive collection of the most recent matrimonial law reports from all superior courts across South Africa. Each one...
Yoni Balkind

How to navigate HR processes in a complex legal ecosystem

Speaking at the Knowledge Dome, as part of the HR Indaba to be held at the Sandton Convention Centre on the 3rd - 4th...

The Digital Virus: Have you been vaccinated? 

A study conducted by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is showing that humans are to blame for the spread of the...
Lexis Library Point in Time

Instantly compare legislation at a specific ‘Point in Time’

Viewing specific changes to legislation and keeping up to date with all the latest amendments can be a time-consuming and tedious process for legal...
Yoni Balkind

Bridging the Gap between what the law is and how to apply it

Emerging forces in the environment pose a variety of challenges for today’s legal professionals. Attorneys and corporate counsel are expected to keep abreast of...
Commentary on the POPI Act

Latest Data Breach Shines Spotlight on Protection of Personal Information

The recent cyber-attack and holding hostage of a South African insurance provider’s IT infrastructure has drawn attention to the dire need for effective protection...

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