Female leaders can motivate others

How female leaders can motivate others

#breakingthebias The playground can be a tough place. “Out of the mouth of babes” is an analogy often used to describe how children speak the...
AJS Sleep when you are dead

Sleep when you’re dead?

That’s a tad too late! As we enter the last week of January, there is an overwhelming sense of urgency.  It suddenly feels like wherever we...
AJS 2022 big picture

Remembering the big picture

Especially as you ease into 2022… As you sit in front of your laptop for what is probably the first time in a couple of...
bye bye 2021 by AJS

Bye, Bye 2021!

And they were singin' bye-bye, Miss American Pie! Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for a whole year? We have. It’s been...
AJS Taking Stock 4

Taking stock – Part IV

Time to look ahead…. Sometimes the very act of taking stock involves looking ahead.  As the venerable Mark Twain once said –  “The secret of getting ahead...
AJS Taking Stock

Taking stock – Part III

Take time to celebrate you! We hate to brag.  It’s not how we like to do things here at AJS. We believe that good work speaks...
Life Esidimeni legal costs

Life Esidimeni: Gauteng govt footing legal bill for current, former officials at inquest

The Gauteng government is paying three top law firms to represent health department officials at the Life Esidimeni inquest.In a recent written reply in...
SAMLIT on Wildlife trade

In-Depth Report about Financial Flows Associated with Illegal Wildlife Trade in South Africa

Role players in the ecosystem of illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products have been profiled through the work of the South African Anti-Money...
AJS Taking Stock Part 2

Taking stock – Part II

It’s as good a time as any…. We ended last week’s article with acknowledging that hard times are hard. And 2021 has certainly been that...
Taking Stock - AJS

Taking stock – Part I

It’s as good a time as any…. Can you believe that it is November already? Christmas decorations are going up in stores, Christmas treats are available...
LIASA Conference 2021

LIASA 2021 – Thembi Mathenjwa — A Library Changemaker and Creative Community Collaborator

Countrywide, the pandemic forced libraries and librarians into new ways of working, pushing them to find ways of creatively engaging with their communities. For...
Ransom Request

Department of Justice hack — all backups gone and R33 million ransom demanded

The hackers that attacked the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development’s (DOJ&CD) systems earlier this month managed to encrypt all of its backups and...