Supreme Court of Appeal

Law firm nailed after R25 million disappears from trust account

Six directors of a law firm under investigation for misappropriating more than R25-million from their clients have been suspended from practice for six months...
Unique South Africa

Unique South African Issues

Handled with distinctive South African flair... South Africa is a complex country.  She is breathtakingly beautiful with a kaleidoscope of people - something we lovingly call...
Legal History of South Africa - Part 3

South Africa’s incredible legal history! – Part III

The stories worth telling… In Part II we spoke about Sir Sydney Kentridge, an accomplished lawyer who has been recognised around the world for his...
AJS Legal History Part 2

South Africa’s incredible legal history! – Part II

The stories worth telling… In Part I we started our series off with Bram Fischer – a legal professional who (on the face of it...
South Africa's Legal History

South Africa’s incredible legal history!

Part I - The stories worth telling… If one were to read the news in South Africa (especially recently), a feeling of immense doom and...
Applaud the lawyers AJS

Let’s applaud our lawyers!

They deserve it. When one thinks about the legal system - and lawyers in general - it’s often tainted with snide remarks, jokes at a...
budget speech 2023 SA

The 2023 Budget Speech—What to Expect

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana is set to deliver South Africa’s 2023 Budget Speech on 22 February at 14h00. South Africans have anxiously awaited the Budget...
AJS 6 starting steps to plan in 2023

How to start 2023 on the right footing 

So, that you can have a positive, prosperous year ahead. Doesn’t it kind of feel like an “out with the old, in with the new”...
Happy Holidays from AJS

Happy Holidays everyone!

It’s beginning to feel a little bit festive (again). Happy Holidays everyone! There’s something about this time of year.  No matter your religion, your beliefs, where you...
Face to Face meetings

Some AJS Nostalgia – a then and now story

The end of a year and a time for reflection. Why do we find ourselves looking backwards at the end of each year. Is...
Proudly South African by AJS

A one-of-a-kind Country: Part IV

We remain proudly South African! South African’s have really been through the ringer of late. With local news headlines dominated by Load shedding schedules, never-ending bad...
One of a kind country Corruption

A one-of-a-kind Country: Part III

Corruption You simply cannot get away from it.  It’s literally in our daily news. And not only during serious debate. But in a manner of “if...