AJS explaining distributed cloud

Understanding Tech Buzzwords: Like a Distributed Cloud

When we think of law firms, a number of things come to mind. One of them is information – the access to it and...
Fikile Sibiya of e4

Managing IT in (literal) dark times

A CIO’s guide for doing business in South Africa - Freshly out of a global pandemic, CIOs have had to think on their feet...
Next Normal Setting it up

The Next Normal: Part IV: Setting it up…

We think it is safe to say that the “office” has changed. Substantially.  What was once rows and rows of desks and coffee machines, water...
Next Normal 3 by AJS

The Next Normal: Part III: What does it look like?

We can talk about The Next Normal until we are blue in the face – doing all we can to convince you that everything...
AJS The Great Beyond Next Normal

The Next Normal: Part II: Same Team – New Field!

Talking about the “The Great Beyond”, evokes feelings of hope and promise.  At least we think so. Like we have entered a completely new stage of...
The Great Beyond with AJS

The Next Normal: The Great Beyond…

As September rolls around there is the inevitable talk of flowers blooming (at least in the Southern Hemisphere), baby birds flitting about and promises...
Top legal tech tools

ANALYSIS: Lawyers’ Top Legal Tech Tools—And Biggest Blind Spots

The survey also identified several barriers to unlocking the full potential of legal technology, likely due to a lack of tech proficiency among the...
Embracing Legal Tech

Embracing legal technology to stay ahead

Videsha Proothveerajh, Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board of LexisNexis South Africa “In a world where everything is changing, the biggest risk is...
Kevin Halkerd

The role of augmented analytics in today’s BI process is evolving

Since 2018, Gartner said that augmented analytics was set to change data analysis and business intelligence processes. Kevin Halkerd, senior IT risk and security...

All You Need to Know about e-Signatures and Remote Working

Your well-intended plans of going paperless as a business might ordinarily come to a grinding halt whenever you need to get someone's signature on a document....
Web-Based Accounting

Why is web-based software a game-changer for law firms?

There are a number of reasons why law firms should implement web-based software solutions. But the bottom line is that it reduces costs, improves...
Smart Contracts

Legality Considerations of Smart Contract

Smart contracts have been defined in a number of ways but suffice it to say that it refers to a contractual agreement – whether...