Smart Contracts

Legality Considerations of Smart Contract

Smart contracts have been defined in a number of ways but suffice it to say that it refers to a contractual agreement – whether...
Thabo Molefe

Next-gen solutions boost legal success

Trends towards downscaling and outsourcing are set to persist in the current economic climate. Larger corporates seek to reduce overheads, including office space and...
Using the correct gender neutral language in your agreements

Gender-neutral Language

Gender neutrality is important when writing about people because it is more accurate — not to mention respectful — and is consistent with the...
Mobile apps for SA Lawyers

Apps that help legal practitioners

Mobile apps provide faster access to information – instead of having to use mobile web browsing. Legal practitioners can download apps that will enable...
Intergreatme FICA solution

Intergreatme offers a FICA solution for law firms

At the recent ITU World 2018 I cornered one of the founders of Intergreatme and asked him to share his story on why they...
effective dictation tips from powerhouse dictation

Do you know how to dictate correctly?

Most of the time audio recordings need to be transcribed. However there are times when the audio is of poor quality or badly dictated...
Building blocks of a startup law firm

6 Ways to Use Technology in Your Startup Law Firm

Running a successful law practice takes a lot more than just a law degree. While you may be the best in your chosen field...
Multi-tasking for paralegals and attorneys

The True Cost Of Multi-Tasking

Does this describe you? While you are on a teleconference call you are writing up your quarterly report, checking your email, and texting your...
OpenLaw offer Smart Contracts to lawyers

OpenLaw Launches New Smart Contract Platform on Ethereum

US and Swiss project, OpenLaw, is launching a new smart contract platform that will allow lawyers to make legally binding and self-executing agreements on...
Chatbots for law firms

DoNotPay Launches Service to Let Anyone Create A Legal Bot

Two years ago, Joshua Browder launched his DoNotPay chatbot as “the world’s first robot lawyer” to help people fight parking tickets.  He later expanded...
Understanding technology is important for lawyers

3 Compelling Reasons for Solo and Small Firm Lawyers to Understand Their Technology

Serious money can be saved if you don’t listen to a vendor peddling snake oil at a conference, or an IT consultant whose prime...
Shared workspaces

The virtual office – how does it work and how can you benefit from...

For hundreds of years, bricks and mortar offices have been the corner stone of legal practices – they have dominated how clients interact for...