fisherman on donkey

The King and Palace Meteorologist

The king wanted to go fishing, and he asked the royal weather forecaster the forecast for the next few hours. The palace meteorologist assured...
young boy with science project grasshopper

Young Tommy and his science project grasshopper

In the spirit of junior scientists everywhere, Tommy, an inquisitive third-grader with a knack for misinterpreting data, embarked on his first real scientific endeavour—a...
fishing weekend with the boys

Wife says no to fishing weekend with the boys

John had always looked forward to his annual fishing trip with his buddies. It was a sacred tradition—a time for cold beers, campfire stories,...
Lady in jewellery store with salesman

Magnificent diamond bracelet in the jewellery store

A distinguished lady sauntered into an exquisite jewellery boutique; her gaze captivated by a magnificent diamond bracelet gleaming in the display. Anxious to inspect...
farmer with his sick cow

Farmer DIY Vet…

One day, a farmer was tending to his livestock when he noticed that one of his cows was completely cross-eyed. He called up a...
full court room

A defendant was on trial for murder in Philadelphia.

There was strong evidence indicating guilt, but there was no corpse. In the defense’s closing statement the lawyer, knowing that his client would probably be...
Pope Mobile

The Pope and his driver….

The Pope is early for his flight. He asks his driver on his way to the airport if he could drive around for a...
Dam on old man's farm

Elderly farmer goes to his pond

As the old farmer approached the pond with his trusty bucket in hand, he couldn't help but notice the uproarious sounds of laughter echoing...
3 envelopes to doctor priest and lawyer from dying man

Benjamin is told he does not have long to live..

The sun dipped low on the horizon, casting a warm glow over the quaint little town where the elderly man, Benjamin, resided. He had...
Two guys at a bar

Two guys meet up in a bar

The first one asks, “Did your hear the news – Mike is dead??!!!” “Woah, what the hell happened to him?” “Well he was on his way...
Man staring at drink for 30 minutes

Man staring at his drink for 30 minutes…

A guy at a bar was just looking at his drink. He stays like that for half of an hour. Then, this big trouble-making truck driver...
passenger 12d is very unhappy during flight

Passenger 12D is very unhappy!

As the sun rose over Boston, casting golden hues across the airport runway, passengers eagerly boarded their morning flight bound for the Windy City....