BEC Simple Solution by ITWorks

One solution that our legal clients have been asking for is a solution to protect and mitigate the risk of “Business Email Compromise” or BEC. This is when a recipients’ email account is compromised or hacked and details within this email are changed without the knowledge of the intended recipient. Typically details such as banking details or trust account details are changed and the intended recipient with the compromised email account unknowingly pays into the hackers banking account. 

This type of fraud has become prevalent, and law firms need to make every effort to ensure that when sending sensitive information, only the intended email recipient’s eyes are the actual ones reading the details!

We identified 2 aspects that we needed from a solution: 

  • It must work from within the user’s existing well-known workflow systems (like Outlook) and 
  • It must be simple to use.

Our solution is a simple and intuitive add-in app for Microsoft Outlook on any Windows PC, to send encrypted email in a way that is simple for the sender and the recipient, using a PDF standard.

As it is tightly integrated with the Outlook email client, makes it a hassle-free encrypted email using the renowned PDF standard. Which means there are no keys, certificates or special decryption software needed by the recipient – just a password and a PDF viewer like Acrobat Reader which is widely used and totally free.

Encrypt the full message body and attachments or encrypt attachments-only either in their native format (for editing), or have it automatically converted to PDF. 

This app caters for automatic transmission of the encryption password to the recipient via Email or SMS – the choice is yours. You can send the actual password or a password-hint instead. All password encrypted PDF files are created using AES 256-bit encryption prior to sending, ensuring the app employs strong security to satisfy even the strictest system auditing or regulation.

De-risk your law firm and earn extra trust with your clients by sending secure encrypted emails using this app.

At IT-Works Business Solutions we provide complete IT services and solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Don’t be another statistic of BEC, contact us now at 


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