Companies and Close Corporations Abbreviations in Conveyancing

There seems to be a confusion whether abbreviations relating to Companies and Close Corporations, as far as their descriptions are concerned, are permitted or not and RCR 14/2008 as confirmed by RCR 13/2012 appears to cause further confusion in this regard. 

RCR 14/2008 does not prohibit the abbreviation in the description of Companies or Close Corporations and only confirmed that abbreviations relating to registration numbers of Companies, Close Corporations, Trusts, etc. are not permitted in deeds and documents tendered for registration, e.g. 

Not permitted

Reg number, Registration No / Nr. Reg No. 


Registration number / Registrasienommer 

In terms of Section 11 of the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008 abbreviations in the description of Companies is permitted. 

CRC 3/2012confirms the use of recognized abbreviations in the description of Companies and the following full descriptions or abbreviations may still be used: 

Proprietary Limited or (Pty) Ltd. 

– Eiendoms Beperk or (Edms) Bpk. 

– Limited or Ltd. 

– Beperk or Bpk. 

– Incorporated or Inc

It should, however, be noted that Section 22(1) of the Close Corporations Act No. 69/1984 only allows for the abbreviation of Close Corporation in English or any other official language, to be used in the description of such a Close Corporation and may therefore only be reflected in the abbreviated format as CC or BK and may not be disclosed in full descriptive wording. 

Also take note of the other acceptable abbreviations relating to companies as referred to in CRC 28/2013 and apply it accordingly.

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