City of Ekurhuleni

The Chief Registrar
The Registrar Johannesburg Deed Office

27 November 2020

Re: The Municipal Property Rates Act No. 6 of 2004.

1. In terms of section 89(3) of the above to Act, registrars of deeds are compelled to call for rates clearance certificate within the transfer of all “property” as defined in section 1, as from 2 July 2009.

2. As interim measure, and until a final arrangement as to the rating of property is made, the following measures will apply:

2.1 Registrars of Deeds need not insist on rate clearance certificates for rights registered against immovable property, as provided for in the definition of property. This will have the effect that no rates clearance certificate need be called for the registration of inter alia, exclusive use areas, cessions of real rights of extension, cession of lease agreements and the cession of servitudes.

2.2 With regards to the transferring of sections simultaneously with the opening of the sectional title register of phase development, no clearance certificate will be required for the units transferred.

3. As already alluded to, the above is merely an interim measure until such time as final measures are put into place. Registrar will be informed in writing when the final measures are to become operative.

4. Kindly note that the above measures only cover “property” within the jurisdiction of the City of Ekurhuleni.

5. This notification would be valid until 31 December 2021 or until such time before said date when the above measures are put into place.

Lihle Ndzelu
Divisional Head: Revenue City of Ekurhuleni


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