Pretoria Deeds Office

Date: 18th May 2020

RC 06 OF 2020


In line with level with level 4 covid-19 lockdown regulations. The deeds office is now opened and a phased approach will be followed in settling back into normal business. This necessitated departure from normal procedures and new procedures set out below will be followed. The aim is to comply with covid-19 prescribed regulations.

The Conveyancers and the deeds office employees are urged to be patient and understanding in these trying times.


It is to outline the Occupational Health and Safety obligations of Deeds Office: Pretoria in taking precautionary measures to protect the workplace, employees, public and clients from the spread of communicable diseases such as COVID-19.

Pretoria Deeds Office will not be operating with full complement of staff members in the office.


3.1.  Requirements on entering the building

3.1.1 Only Conveyancers will be allowed in the building under the following requirements.

3.1.2 Temperature will be taken and if found to be more than 38 Celsius entry will not be allowed.

3.1.2.a Facial mask or cloth mask is compulsory and must be worn at all times.

3.1.3 Gloves are optional.

3.1.4. Sanitizing or washing of hands is compulsory.

3.1.5. Persons will be required to complete information at Security. This information will be used for tracing purposes when and if it becomes necessary. Positive identification to be provided in a form of an identity document or drivers licence.

3.2. Elevators:

3.2.1. Strictly 4 persons will be allowed per elevator.

3.2.2. Stairs may be used to access other floors.

3.3. Lodgement of deeds and documents:

3.3.1. Lodgements will be allowed daily up until 11h00.

3.3.2. Firms will be expected to lodge deeds already linked and bound by rubber band. Deeds will not be accepted if they are not linked.

3.4. Linking of Deeds

3.4.1. The existing pigeonholes will be designated to conveyances for prelinking of deeds. 

3.5. Consultation:

3.5.1. No physical consultation will be allowed. 

3.5.2 This will be done telephonically or through emails. 

3.5.3. Only in exceptional circumstances will consultation be allowed. Prior request to be made with the secretariat through an email the requester to disclose the matter which he/she needs to consult on.

( and

3.6. Corrective Maintenance

3.6.1. Corrective maintenance of deeds will not be allowed. All rejected deeds will be monitored by designated Assistant Registrar. The Assistant Registrar will confirm the rejection or overrule it. His/her decision will be final.

3.6.2 Expedition will only be done for Land Reform Deeds.

3.7. Put-Forward

3.7.1 Putting forward of deeds is not allowed. Deeds will follow normal process; ONLY in exceptional circumstances will it be allowed.

3.8 Delivery

3.8.1. The Conveyancer representing the firm and will get delivered deeds from delivery from 10h 30 to 12h00 daily.

3.9.  Information:

3.9.1. Information Section will be closed until further notice.

3.10. Execution:

3.10.1. Conveyancing firms must arrange one Conveyancer to execute.

3.10.2. Execution time will be from 09h00 to 12h00.

3.10.3 Conveyancers must be considerate in executing deeds, so that other Conveyancers can be afforded opportunity to execute

3.10.4. Only marked chairs/designated areas must be used at the execution.

3.10.5 The chairs at execution must not be moved around.

3.11.  Copies

13.11.1 Office of the Chief Registrar of Deeds will issue the guideline and procedure pertaining to the Regulation 68 (1) applications

3.12. Expedited Delivery

3.12.1 Expedited delivery will not be allowed.


3.13.1 Will still be accessed at M FLOOR under strict demarcations to observe and enforced social distancing.

3.14. General Provisions:

13.1. Wearing of Personal Protective equipment is compulsory

13.2. Non-compliance with the circular will result in persons being denied entry and access to the deeds office.

13.3. No children or visitors will be allowed for entry.

13.4. Social distancing must always be practiced.

3.15 Legal Services

3.15.1 It is preferred that the serving of legal documents be done electronically. The following officials can be mailed in this regard




3.16 Examiners Notes

3.16.1 Minimal contact with examiners is advised. Examiners will provide their contacts details with email address for required correspondence.


This Circular will be applicable on date of issue.


18th May 2020


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