Registrars Circular Deeds Office

RE: Amended Regulation 68 as per GG No. 42813 dated 1 November 2019

All previous circulars relating to these procedures within our office, are hereby withdrawn as from 1 January 2020 and replaced herewith. This circular must be read with CRC 5 of 2019.

1.   The conveyancer must submit the request for a VA copy at the Information Section prior to the advertisement together with a copy of the application ito Requlation 68  A  copy of the deed, duly stamped but unsigned, will be provided. An information copy fee will be levied.

2.    The Notice of Intention to Apply in terms of Regulation 68 (the format of Form JJJ must be utilised) must contain the registration details as it appears in the Deeds records. The Notice may be submitted to the Registrar for approval prior to the advertisement. The address of the Registrar must be reflected as Room 1216, 12th Floor, 90 Plein Street, Cape Town.

3.    The Registrar must be advised timeously in writing of the date from which the replacement copy must lie for inspection together with photocopies of the replacement deed and the signed application. It may be accepted that there has not been any objection if there has not been any communication from the Registrar. If there is an objection same will be noted as a caveat until resolved. The applicant/representative will be advised.

4.   After the expiry of this period, the normal lodgement and examination process must be followed, accompanied by the proof of advertisement. Examiners must check for compliance with the time frame.

5.   Please note that the advertisement process is not necessary where it can be proved that the deeds were lost whilst under the control of the Registrar of Deeds or where the damaged/defaced deed is produced to the Registrar for impoundment.

Issued and signed by Mr Kasavel Pillay (Registrar of Deeds in the Western Cape)
Dated: 10th December 2019
Rural Development and Land Reform
Office of the Registrar of Deeds: Cape Town: Private Bag X9073 Cape Town
Tel (021) 464 7600, Fax (021) 464 7727

The above is a text extract of the original PDF circulated to conveyancers.


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