Extension of Section

The Pretoria Deeds Registry has always followed the practice to retain the original SS number of the section in further registrations, where there was previously an extension for that section registered in terms of Section 24(6) of the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 (the Act) 

At the 2016 Registrars Conference it was ruled that where a section was extended in terms of Section 24(6) of the Act that on any subsequent registration, the new SS number, which was allocated to the plan of extension, must be referred to. 

On any further registration actions in relation to all new and existing extended sections, the conveyancer must refer to the new SS number where the plan of extension in terms of Section 24(6) of the Act was registered. Under no circumstances should the original SS number be referred to. 

All existing deeds which have been registered under the current practice have to retain the original SS number, and do not need to be amended in terms of Section4 (1) (b) of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937. All of the affected deeds will be endorsed by the examiner with a factual endorsement, when they are lodged for other registrations. 

Examiners must endorse all deeds, with the exception of sectional bonds which are being cancelled, and which has been registered with reference to the original SS number with a factual endorsement, and by referring to the current SS number under which the last extension of the section, in terms of Section 24(6) of the Act was registered. 

Rates clearance certificates lodged for a section which has been extended in terms of Section 24(6) of the Act will be accepted with a reference to either the original SS number of the new SS number. 

Examiners are to ensure that the rates clearance certificate do represent the correct section. 

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