Effect of Covid on South African legal market survey

In the next few months, we will be emailing and calling law firms to complete a very short 2-minute survey to analyse and report back to the legal market, on how the latest challenges (Covid mostly) have affected the efficiency and profitability of law firms around the country.

Three (3) lucky contributors will each receive a Nespresso coffee machine bundle – if you enter of course…

To give you a little preparation, and to complete the survey in even less time here are the questions we are going to ask:

1. How many attorneys are there in your firm? 

2. How many support staff are there in your firm?

3. What is the total staff complement?

4. Which services does your firm offer? (a checkbox selection)

5. What was the impact of COVID on your firm? 
Significantly Down OR Noticeably Down OR Slight Drop OR None OR Business is better

6. What is your outlook for the future of the legal profession in the next 3 years?
Very positive OR Positive OR Neutral OR Negative OR Very negative

7. Does your company have a work from home policy?
Yes OR No

8. If working from home, what percentage of your staff work from home?
All OR Most OR Some OR A few OR None

9. If working from home, what is your future strategy for remote working?
Fully Remote OR Office Only OR Hybrid Remote and Office

10. Have you adopted a Cloud strategy?
Yes OR No OR Would like to

11. Which Video Conferencing/Remote Software Services do you use?
Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, Microsoft Teams, Skype, TeamViewer, Zoom, Other (please specify)

12. Which of the following mediums do you use to engage with your customers?
Client Portal, Email, Mobile App, Signal, SMS, Telegram, Telephone, Website, WhatsApp, None of the above

13. Which of the following Legal Software packages are you using?
3E Elite, AJS, DriveRevenue, DynamicLTA, E4 Conveyancing, GhostPractice, Lawpac, LawpracticeZA, Legalsuite, Lexis Convey, Lexpro, LMS, Pastel, Practice Manager, Winlaw

14. Do you have a dedicated IT department?
Yes, No, All Outsourced, Outsourced, but with on-site staff

15. How do you view your IT service providers?
They are crucial to the business OR Good OR Neutral OR Bad OR Forced or Grudge Expense OR Other (please specify)

Then two optional questions:

16. Enter your email address below if you want to receive your free South African Legal Tech4Law newsletter.

17. Do you want to be entered into our draw to win one of three Nespresso coffee machine bundles? 


So, in a quick overview, you can help us, and the industry by completing the survey and not having to leave your details.

  • The optional question about subscribing to Tech4Law are for those uninformed people who don’t know about Tech4Law and can subscribe. 
  • The draw obviously needs your name, company and email address, so that we can contact you and ask where to send the Nespresso machine.

We have done our best to keep it short and to be anonymous if you so wish – please support us and the local legal industry in completing it when you get it.

We are planning to circulate this survey later this week and to then end it off by the end of May 2022.

We thank you in advance!



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