marketingMost law firms are missing out on one of the least expensive and most effective opportunities to promote their services. In an age where conventional advertising methods no longer work, firms need to use their existing relationships (clients) to sell their services, and promote their firm.

Let’s look at AJS (the legal accounting specialists) as a case in point. Each day people at the firm send out about 2,000 emails. That equates to about 40,000 emails a month. Those emails, in turn, are forwarded to around the same number of people. That means that AJS has about one million opportunities a year to market its products and services to its clients and the people their clients deal with. The cost? Nothing, except for the design costs to create the graphic message.

What am I talking about? I am talking about adding a graphic footer to your emails promoting your services, or describing your unique selling point – i.e. Why clients should deal with your firm. Or that you specialize in family law, conveyancing, etc.

An email footer also shows that your firm is professional, and forward-thinking. And if you introduce this idea quickly, it will portray your firm as being different from other law firms out there. For example, one of the major law firms in South Africa recently used their email footer to announce their move to impressive new premises. And some firms have used the footer to trumpet their awards, while the more conservative law firms simply use it to display their “strapline” (for example “Experts in family law”). Having a footer is definitely a step in the right direction, but for maximum effect, your image and message should change on a regular basis. Use it to announce new partners in the firm, changes in legislation, new premises, etc.

Here is an example of a graphic footer to help promote your firm:


Many firms don’t know where to start creating an email footer, and quite often, firms come up with an amateur looking footer that does more harm than good. So, if you need help creating a professional and functional email footer, call Ruan van Niekerk at Flux Branding.

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