6_minute_clockTip 5-Use a Safety Net for Capturing Time
Inputting time throughout the days is very challenging for a busy person supporting multiple clients amidst a non?stop barrage of interruptions. It is, indeed, much easier said than done. Our aforementioned new user survey found that attorneys, on average, spent over 2.5 hours each week reconciling their billable time. Yikes!

And for their efforts, these attorneys estimated they were only able to track down a collective 67% of their billable time! So if their estimates are accurate, they are seriously under?billing their clients!
If the pain of trying to remember what you worked on is all too familiar, you may really benefit from using time recording.


Attorneys who took our survey believe they work 3 legitimate billable hours for every 2 they actually bill for.

Key for above image:

Less than 50%  
50% to 60%  
60% to 70%  
70% to 80%  
80% to 90%  
90% to 100%  

Increase Your Biz Dev Time
The steps we’ve outlined to increase your biz dev time are simple, but they’re not easy. They require fundamental behavioral changes to habits that you’ve developed over many years of a successful practice. If you’d like to learn more about how to liberate yourself from the yoke of email and spend more time doing what’s really important (and profitable), contact TimeBack Management for a free Skype consultation, for more information contact Dan at dan@timebackmanagement.com.


Contributed by:
Dan Markovitz and Brett Owens



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