willYour clients fall into this category whether they want to or not. You are their “one stop shop” in giving advice before as well as after death!
Make sure that…..

  • Estate Planning is done well and professionally and will cater for both estates in all three scenarios

    • Testator dies first – spouse second

    • Spouse dies first – testator second

    • Simultaneous death

  • “What if?” questions must be dealt with, before death, in the planning phase.

  • CGT is catered for so that contracts, trusts and policies can be put into place to make sure there is no cash short fall in the estate. Beware of heirs jumping all over you!

  • It is very important to be able to create a will for both parties, which makes sense and will stand its ground in the practical application thereof after death.

  • These wills must be used as a database to make sure your clients see you once a year, to update the will. This is a good marketing effort as there will always be spin-offs.

  • It is also very important to be able to give a will to your clients in their own home language, for him/her to understand what they sign for.

  • The will is your “marketing tool” to make sure your firm is the executor in the unexpected event of death of your client. Beat the banks to this action!

  • This is where the real money lies in your practice. (3,5% of the value of all assets!)

If all these processes are computerised in your office, you will spend a fraction of the time allocated to this well paying effort.

Let’s do the sums:



Done by hand


Estate Planning ( 2 estates)

± R8000.00

18 hours

1 hour

Create Trust/Contract

± R5000.00



Commission on life policy

± R10000.00



Create Wills (2 wills)

± R3000.00

2 hours

30 min

Administration (2 estates)

± R50 000.00

96 hours

24 hours






± R73 000.00

116 hours

25½ hours


The question is:

R73 000.00 for 116 hours

R73 000.00 for 25½ hours?





And your answer is:

Computerise now and optimise your Deceased Estate Department to save time and earn better fees.


Contributed by:

Marianne Van Wyk
Cell: 082 565 4234
Tel no: 012 809 0335



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