6_minute_clockIn our previous issue we gathered information from attorneys and worked out the average salaries for the country. We thought that a natural progression of the salary review would be to determine the average hourly rate per area of practice for every region in South Africa.

By taking part in this 3 second, 3 click question survey we will establish the average hourly rate, for your practice area in your provincial region. This will then allow you to adjust your hourly rate accordingly.

If you are under-charging your clients, you are simply “leaving money on the table” and to the contrary, if you are overcharging, you will be able to reduce your hourly rate. 😉

It really does take less than 3 seconds and it may increase your revenue quite a bit. You don’t have to be an attorney to take part, if you are a paralegal, enter the rate that your firm charges – the more information we gather the better the results.


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