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LegalSuite’s Mobile App

LegalSuite Mobile app

The modern attorney is often on the go and needs access to information away from the office. To facilitate this, LegalSuite has developed a mobile app that links directly to the LegalSuite program ensuring that you have access to your system 24 hours a day.

Not only is vital information now available at your fingertips, but you can also make a File Note, debit a Fee, create a Reminder and even upload a document to the Document Log. Search for a Client in the Address Book and dial them directly from your phone. You can even take a photo with your phone and upload it to the Document Log. The possibilities are endless.

Dictate your File Notes using Voice Recognition

Typing information on a mobile device is cumbersome at best. That’s why the LegalSuite mobile app has built-in voice recognition. While on the go (or even in the office), you can now capture a File Note (and a Reminder and a Fee Note) by dictating directly into the LegalSuite Mobile App.

Give your Clients access to real-time progress information…

Communicating effectively with Clients and other stakeholders is an important task faced by the modern attorney. Estate agents and mortgage originators constantly want updates on the Conveyancing process and clients involved in Debt Collection or Litigation need to know the progress on a Matter, the costs involved and the Debtor Balances to update their internal systems.

Providing this information regularly and timeously is an onerous task which uses up resources and affects productivity. To solve this problem, the LegalSuite Mobile App allows you to give your Clients and other Parties on a Matter a login which gives them access to the Matters they are involved in. They can then view the progress of each Matter on their mobile device and get real time information 24/7.

Not only does this provide your Clients with a high tech solution out the box, but it is also a powerful marketing tool – you can demonstrate your level of commitment to providing your Clients with excellent service and up to date information at all times. In a competitive, high tech environment, it is vital to show your Clients that your firm is ahead of the curve with regards to both service and technology.

Find the mobile app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.



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