Legal Tech Job Market Update

We all know that the legal technology sector is growing. About three years ago I was chatting to some IP lawyers and they were saying that there was more trademarks and patents being filed for platforms in the legal market than in any other industry across the world, which at the time kind of registered – but also didn’t really register in terms of the impact it would have. Now what we’re seeing is the release of lots and lots of software and platforms and therefore jobs and careers are being changed and people are stepping out of traditional law and moving into legal tech. By 2026 the value of the legal technology market will be just over 20 billion that’s what are U.S. reporters are staying.

Predicting analysts are predicting nearly 15% growth year on year from now 2023 all the way through to 2040 which is phenomenal so we have to keep an eye on it.

Everybody has started to use more and more technology tools and I think one of the things that we will probably do in subsequent market updates will also be to review platforms in an honest fashion and get reviews from people on the ground who are actually using them. I think it would really pay dividends if we increase this feature by reviewing some of the products and giving some honest opinions of what might stick around and therefore and how useful it will be but we’ll get to that later…


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