Umbiie African legaltech job market update 1

It was surprising to see how much BS is out there trying to draw your attention. Maybe you end up applying for a job that looks amazing but under the surface it is not what it was made out to be. 

I want to say thank you to our host Tech4Law, if you haven’t been to their website, it is Tech, the number 4 (, it is the home of legal tech news across Africa, please subscribe to their newsletter today, they are a fantastic team producing great legaltech content for law firms in Africa. Also, thanks to our sponsor (, the home of future legal careers. Go to and register anonymously today, it is the best website for growth opportunities for all legal professionals. 

OK so we have seen a small increase in legal tech jobs this month, we did our research last month and found close to 400 jobs live out there that proclaim in some way to be legal tech, that has increased to about 410, so a nominal increase but it’s really about what they say and whether they really are being filled. We’ve seen those roles across corporates, government agencies, law firms and individual service providers and software providers, so a whole myriad of industries. Some amazing job titles but they are mainly based within research contracts, business development, marketing, communications, analytics which is growing faster than any other area, e-discovery, pricing experts etc, but as I said at the at the beginning of this video, I want to try and help you cut through the BS that is out there…


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