Video of Rob Green on SA legal job market

I am Rob Green, CEO of in our new monthly series monthly video series on Tech4Law all about jobs and the job market in the legal market across Africa. 

We’ve been working in this market for over a decade and what I’m going to bring you each month is tips on new mandates new growth opportunities, new skill sets needed, new jobs coming out, packages salaries, new entrants in the market from overseas and much, much more. Who’s growing, who’s not, where should you be going and how to get a job in this space if you’re not already in it. This is going to be a $70 billion industry in the next nine years according to future market insights, have a look at them online. Future market insights have done a brilliant job in industry analysis on the legal tech market and they’re showing this humongous growth as more and more tech is being implemented across law firms and in-house teams.

What is driving this change and what is driving this implementation?

Well like I said I’ve been in this industry for a very long time and what I can see is causing this rise of legal tech is cost savings and process improvement.

The videos will be available on Tech4Law in the video section on the home page, just scroll down to see them.


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