Umbiie shared economy staff recruitment is a skills-matching platform for legal professionals. It’s a recruiting technology (rec-tech) platform that connects legal professionals with companies for jobs, consultants with projects and practice lawyers with new clients, from every corner of the world.

Umbiie embraces the Skillset Revolution, by promoting shared (anonymised) data and shared revenue solutions for all stakeholders involved in the recruitment process.

For candidates there are quite a few benefits of using Umbiie. Build a profile and clients will find you if your experience matches their needs, then they can reach out to you, which means you don’t have to conduct business development for new client work. Practice professionals can turn to the client side on Umbiie and search for consultants and referrals to use, and the dashboard enables them to keep a record of who they use for certain practice areas, and the diary will let you know when they are available.

For companies that use Umbiie to recruit for jobs, find contractors for projects and pipeline a talent roster for the future, it is the most accurate legal recruitment, talent pipelining and resourcing platform available. It is free to search on, companies only pay when you want to directly contact a 100% fully verified legal professional that can do what you need them to do. Their contact details are anonymized so your selection basis is matched to their skills, experience, cost and star ratings. Once you pay, you have access to that profile for “life”, and you are able to source for immediate legal recruitment needs, and pipeline for future projects using Umbiie’s innovative talent pipeline dashboard, calendar and skills testing technology.

Umbiie is the now and the future. For more, check out our website 


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