Umbii partners with Tech4Law

Innovative shared data and revenue recruitment tech is now integrated into SA’s leading legal-tech news platform. 

The legal industry’s leading shared skills platform,, has successfully integrated with South Africa’s number one news site for technology in the legal market, Tech4Law, to help legal professionals across Africa access local and global work opportunities and legal teams access fully verified professionals, in just minutes.

Umbiie can now be found in the Legal Jobs section of, in the top banner of the website and will bring the best technology solution for legal careers to Tech4Law’s fantastic readership, across the African continent. is a skills-matching platform for legal professionals. It’s a recruiting technology (rec-tech) platform that connects legal professionals with companies for jobs, consultants with projects and practice lawyers with new clients, from every corner of the world.

Umbiie embraces the Skillset Revolution, by promoting shared (anonymised) data and shared revenue solutions for all stakeholders involved in the recruitment process.

Rob Green, CEO of Umbiie, explains what this offers the Legal Professional “You register on Umbiie, all your personal details remain anonymous, and your skills and experience are how you are found. Upon registration, you complete a verification check and you will be found when a company, anywhere in the world, needs someone with your skills and experience. This is not a social media platform, it has been designed not to irritate, but simply to deliver great opportunities, 100% matched to what you do, and to open up global opportunities for professionals that may sometimes be overlooked.

If nothing matches, you will not be contacted, but when you are, you know it is not a waste of time, the more you build on your profile, the more opportunities will find you – when a message pings, you decide if you want to release your contact details. You are the one with the skills that are needed, Umbiie believes you should be the one in control of the process.”.

What does this mean for a company looking for a Lawyer? For companies that use Umbiie to recruit for jobs, find contractors for projects and pipeline a talent roster for the future, it is the most accurate legal recruitment, talent pipelining and resourcing platform available. 

It is FREE to search on, companies only pay when you want to directly contact a 100% fully verified legal professional that can do what you need them to do. Their contact details are anonymized so your selection basis is matched to their skills, experience, cost and star ratings. Once you pay, you have access to that profile for “life”, and you are able to source for immediate legal recruitment needs, and pipeline for future projects using Umbiie’s innovative talent pipeline dashboard, calendar and skills testing technology.

So what is the shared data and shared revenue model and how does everyone benefit? 

Green goes on to say “I’ve been in the legal recruitment space for 20 years, on four continents and recruited in nearly 50 cities and having done extensive research into how much time, money and productivity are wasted per annum by hiring the wrong people and looking at what professionals desire and how people want to deliver work and legal services now and in the future, we designed Umbiie to be the platform for all. We see that whilst other platforms and social media give you access to personal data, this doesn’t breed accuracy in the recruitment process or satisfaction and opportunity for legal professionals.”

In a world first, Umbiie recognises that the shared economy is the now, and the future. Umbiie works on anonymised profiles and all paying customers can see the skills and experience profiles and decide to approach to unlock them if they choose. Should the professional(s) accept the approach, the revenue is shared between the skill-holder and all other stakeholders in the process – this is a world first, it reflects and embraces the desire of our audience to create a genuine community of shared skills, and rewards the right people in the recruitment process.

Green continues, Umbiie is staffed by veteran legal recruiters, developers and legal professionals, all working together and sharing their knowledge to build and improve the best solution for the legal market in every country, at every company, and for every individual that deploys it. We work off 100% matches and 100% fully verified professionals and opportunities, and every stakeholder shares in the success. 

At the heart of Umbiie’s platform is the symbiotic relationship between a hiring company and a professional’s skillset – most of the current platforms on the market, be it LinkedIn, contingency recruitment firms, or even some internal talent teams, almost always forget this. As we move into a global gig economy, skill and experience are now becoming the most valuable commodities. The power base has shifted – the individual holds most of the aces through their skills and experience, and we are moving away from the company-led, corporatized job market of the past, and this tech is at the heart of a solution for everyone”

Umbiie is delighted to partner with Tech4Law.

About UMBIIE is a global skills-matching platform for legal professionals. We connect legal professionals with companies and projects with attorneys around the world. Deploying revolutionary technology that anonymises personal data, pushing skills and experience to the forefront, introduces a shared data and circular revenue model that rewards accuracy, verification, excellence and the right stakeholders in the recruitment process.


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